Monday, October 17, 2011

"On The Wings Of Inspiration" Party Week Challenge-- What Inspires You?

"What Fuels Your Inspiration's Wings So That They Can Lift Your Ideas Into Creative Being?"

The above is the question for this weeks Party Post! I.A. Challenge, and while there are too many things that inspire me to count-- I figured I'd talk about all those things, and then talk about the drawing I submitted that shows one thing specifically.

So, I'm inspired by lots of things. Silly little things, like cute animals (be they drawn on a page, running across a computer or TV Screen as a cartoon, real life creatures, or plushie stuffed toys), are one. Nice people and kindness are another. Anything that's a good story inspires me, whether it is uplifting or really intense and heavy.

I even find stories like "The Count of Monte Cristo" inspirational (or that new show, "Revenge," which is kind of like a modern day version of it with a female protagonist), because comeuppance is not exactly an easy real-life thing for people to obtain sans consequences. But when on screen, onstage, or on the page, there is the possibility for bad characters to suffer consequences, while good characters may prevail and finally get a happy ending, even if there are flaws present-- I enjoy that.

I'm always inspired by stories, be they in a comic, in a painting, in a play, or in a film. Lots of art speaks to me, whether it's black and white and very ink heavy like an alternative graphic novel, or very bright and poppy like some paintings or animation, and things across the spectrum from very tragic to very silly and fun. As I said, as long as a story is a strong one, I am impressed by it. I'm inspired by things that make you think, by humor, by intelligence, and good conversation-- the list goes on.

And I guess finally, everyday things in life are inspiring-- friends, family, people in my real life and in fiction who continue to push forward even if they are continuously in Sisyphus type situations, stories of people being kind no matter what is thrown at them, and whenever adversity is triumphed over. This is a little embarrassing to admit to anyone who isn't at all into pop music, but I actually like the Katy Perry song "Firework" (although I prefer the Lea Michele cover of it from "Glee," voice-wise), because it has so many lyrics that basically tell a person to keep going, and that tell a person he or she is great, no matter how awful they feel at the moment. "After a hurricane, comes a rainbow...," and all that jazz.

But anyway, the image I chose to submit has to do with being inspired by love, and your family. I made a bunch of spot illustrations for my website to show some samples of black and white, editorial-y type works a while ago. I made some new ones I didn't get to post on my site yet, but one is a drawing of a girl and her two parents at her birthday party. My apologies, because I need to scan it in properly-- as posted, it's the best quality mobile phone picture I could get.

In truth, the drawing is based on a photo of my Mom, my Dad, and me, circa ten years ago (eeeeeeeeeep!), that was taken at a friend's wedding. But I changed for illustration purposes, to show a happy family scene for a birthday celebration for their daughter. I am lucky to have the family I have, and I thought this drawing of us would be good to post for this challenge, to show inspiration and gratitude. In some ways , looking back on a moment from things when they were easier can be painful, but I suppose also inspirational if you choose to look at it properly. One of my good friends is always talking about having the right perspective to view things in, and it can be hard, but the positive/being inspired by things perspective I think is always the best.

So, I'm ending this mini-novel. Whee? Whee. Hope anyone who read it enjoyed it, and this party post thing is pretty cool! Hope everyone's having lots of fun with it (-:

And now for some links:

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Tracey Fletcher King said...

loved reading the epic post and love your work as always. It has been great reading about everyone's inspirations and I love stories so much, so I really enjoyed this xx

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Always, always enjoy visiting your blog and reading your in depth posts. I enjoyed reading about what inspires you--the birthday drawing is amazing!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I am late getting here this week, since I like to show up before the unveiling of each person's blog art. But I always appreciate your back stories that go along with your art.

artangel said...

I can definitely see your inspiration throughout your work - all your pieces seem to suggest a story. Loving the black and white x