Friday, October 21, 2011

Fuel; Illustration Friday

For this week's theme of "Fuel," I am submitting a greeting card.

Fire is often used for fuel, and with new environmentally friendly technologies, water can be used as well. This card shows the friendship between a girl, a little mouse, an elephant, and a dragon. Perhaps the girl and the mouse can't actually create energies, sustainable or not-- but between the dragon, who can breathe fire when need be, and the elephant, who can squirt water, perhaps there's hope for them creating fuel and putting it to good use?

Speaking of fuel, I am up early and home waiting to deal with the Gas Company. Delightful, to be sure, but also a little amusing given the Illustation Theme of the day.

I'll finish this up since I have work to do, and coffee to ingest.

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Happy Weekend, Everyone (-:

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