Wednesday, October 26, 2011

"Masquerade!" Inspiration Avenue

For this week's I.A., the theme is "Masquerade Ball." The peeps (both slang for people, and a little joke to refer to the baby chicks ) in my greeting card are en route to their Masquerade ball.

It's progressive, so the dance is admitting in both people and animals ;-)

Instead of a chariot to get to the ball, they've a wagon, and instead of a horse, they've enlisted an accomadating (and rather strong) chicken to pull them along.

This is a very fun challenge, as I love Halloween, and I love getting dressed up-- and, I love masquerade balls, because they can be held at any time of year. It's one of the fun things about Comic Cons-- there are often balls, but people also come to them in very cool costumes.

Plus, I love "The Phantom Of the Opera" (in all its incarnations, but it was the ALW Musical I saw first, onstage when I was eleven-- and I guess that's still my favorite versions since I've seen it at least eleven times), and the song "Masquerade" is one of my favorite ones. The actual number is beautiful. Yet, it's also somber when you think of the main lyrics in the chorus, in accordance to the story, or even by themselves:

Paper faces on parade,
Hide your face,
So the world, will never, find you...

I've actually been both Christine and Erik (the Phantom's real name) at various years, but this year is all about intense ballerina-dom. In fact, I now have to go try on the leotard I have sewn together, complete with wings ;-)

In any event, here is the link to submit to "Masquerade" for "Inspiration Avenue:"

And here are some more of my Halloween cards, as well as Birthday and Other Cards:

Hope everyone is well! (-:


NatashaMay said...

They look like they're having fun and can't wait to get to the ball. That chicken is very brave to pull them in the wagon. :) Hope it doesn't get run over going down hill. :) Fab entry!

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Totally charming! I also wrote about Phantom & the song Masquerade--a favorite of mine, too!

Tracey Fletcher KIng said...

The costumes at our equivalent of Comic con are always amazing too... and I have a daughter who is a huge Phantom fan, so she loved reading your piece as well... would love to see the eggs that come from the super strong chicken.... that would be something xx

IM GIRL said...

Your submission is colorful, whimsical and fun, all attributes of a Masquerade Ball! Very clever!

Terrie said...

Who wouldn't love getting this card? It's fun and totally "in the season". Really a great drawing!

Stephanie Mealor Corder said...

What a FUN group of masqueraders- love the idea of the chicken pulling them all!

gemma said...

So glad both people and animals are here... I want to do the chicken dance.

Tracey Potter said...

How Fun, even the chicken has a mask, how do I get an invite to that party! Great image.