Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Cupcakes! Creative Tuesday's Latest Theme Of Win

So, here is a card I sold a while ago, submitted for this Creative Tuesday's Scrumptious Theme!

As it is about two friends who are wheeling around a wheelbarrow full of cookies, cupcakes, and donuts, while frosting enormous cupcakes that they are stepping on, I figured it would fit the theme ;-)

As a Cupcake Afficionado, I must say this theme is quite awesome. Thank you as always, Mister Toast! It's really nice to participate in online blogs where people have such fun ideas, cool contributions on similar themes (that somehow end up being creative and all different in a great way), and wonderful positivity.

Now for some links.

To submit to Creative Tuesdays, please go to the most recent link at:

(Past artists may notice the link has changed-- it has, because Mister Toast expanded the challenge to its own blog! His writings and updates on how his online blogs are going can be found at: http://goodteatoo.blogspot.com/)

To see other cards like this one at my site, please go to:

Hope everyone is having a fun and Tasty Tuesday. I wonder if there are any food blogs that hold a weekly or bi-weekly competition called "Tasty Tuesdays?" Hrm, hrm-- also looking forward to those who submitted photos of actual things they baked. Super cool :-D


Wanda said...

A very tasty post indeed! Love that they are walking on big frosted cupcakes... I think I would be tempted to lick my feet!!! HaHa

You always have clever ideas. I made a few of my Creative Tuesday artwork into cards. A fun way to share!

Have a great Weekend!

Christine said...

wow a wheelbarrow full of goodies! yum.

Janet Dibbydabby.com illustrator said...

A dream come true for many, a land of sweets and fun. Yum! Please send me the address :-D

Heather said...

i really like the blues and purples here! looks delish!!! you make fun cards!

Dina Thanki said...

All those cupcakes, yum yum!

Betsy said...

Even the wheels look delicious! :)actu

Janice said...

A very nice card and perfect for our theme.

(Queenmothermamaw) Peggy said...

The detail in their faces is great. I love making mine into cards also. I keep cards for watercolor and acrylics on hand. Love this.

MMm.. said...

Donna, LOVE LOVE LOVE this one. I always love how you included people and a story in your expressions of these various themes. LOVE the colours too.

"As a Cupcake Afficionado, I must say this theme is quite awesome. "
--that makes me smile. Please feel free to add you own ideas for themes too, you know. I'd get to some of them in the end, no doubt. :)

Jehanne's doodles said...

Oh my! They are walking and frosting!! How cool! A super take on the theme!