Wednesday, October 26, 2011

"Masquerade!" Inspiration Avenue

For this week's I.A., the theme is "Masquerade Ball." The peeps (both slang for people, and a little joke to refer to the baby chicks ) in my greeting card are en route to their Masquerade ball.

It's progressive, so the dance is admitting in both people and animals ;-)

Instead of a chariot to get to the ball, they've a wagon, and instead of a horse, they've enlisted an accomadating (and rather strong) chicken to pull them along.

This is a very fun challenge, as I love Halloween, and I love getting dressed up-- and, I love masquerade balls, because they can be held at any time of year. It's one of the fun things about Comic Cons-- there are often balls, but people also come to them in very cool costumes.

Plus, I love "The Phantom Of the Opera" (in all its incarnations, but it was the ALW Musical I saw first, onstage when I was eleven-- and I guess that's still my favorite versions since I've seen it at least eleven times), and the song "Masquerade" is one of my favorite ones. The actual number is beautiful. Yet, it's also somber when you think of the main lyrics in the chorus, in accordance to the story, or even by themselves:

Paper faces on parade,
Hide your face,
So the world, will never, find you...

I've actually been both Christine and Erik (the Phantom's real name) at various years, but this year is all about intense ballerina-dom. In fact, I now have to go try on the leotard I have sewn together, complete with wings ;-)

In any event, here is the link to submit to "Masquerade" for "Inspiration Avenue:"

And here are some more of my Halloween cards, as well as Birthday and Other Cards:

Hope everyone is well! (-:

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Autumn and Fall for Creative Tuesdays

This week's C.T. is about Fall and Autumn. What's more fun about Autumn then orange, old, pumpkin patches. and Halloween??

The card I'm submitting is focused on my favorite Holiday ;-) The caption reads, "Have a 'Beary' Happy Halloween!" Because I truly am that silly.

I'm rushing off this morning, so I won't say as much as usual-- but I love this challenge! Thank you, Mister Toast (-:

Autumn is one of the most beautiful seasons there is! I miss the lack of leaves changing color on the West Coast (Although I recently visited home in New York, and got to see the full splendor of the leaf changes back there which was cool), although Autumn is beautiful no matter where you are.

And with that note, on with some links:

To submit to Creative Tuesdays for "Autumn," please click the most the below link at:

To see more Halloween, Birthday, and other cards of mine, please click here:

Hope you are all having a "boo-tiful" (woo, more Halloween puns!) day (-:

P.S. Anyone else dressing up this year? I dress up every year, and this time I am planning on being "The Black Swan." I'm rather dorkily excited.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Fuel; Illustration Friday

For this week's theme of "Fuel," I am submitting a greeting card.

Fire is often used for fuel, and with new environmentally friendly technologies, water can be used as well. This card shows the friendship between a girl, a little mouse, an elephant, and a dragon. Perhaps the girl and the mouse can't actually create energies, sustainable or not-- but between the dragon, who can breathe fire when need be, and the elephant, who can squirt water, perhaps there's hope for them creating fuel and putting it to good use?

Speaking of fuel, I am up early and home waiting to deal with the Gas Company. Delightful, to be sure, but also a little amusing given the Illustation Theme of the day.

I'll finish this up since I have work to do, and coffee to ingest.

To submit to I.F., please go to:

To see other similar Greeting Cards, please go to my site at:

And lastly, for any SoCal peeps, please come to the Majestical Roof Halloween Market in Pasadena tomorrow! Details ahoy:

Happy Weekend, Everyone (-:

Monday, October 17, 2011

"On The Wings Of Inspiration" Party Week Challenge-- What Inspires You?

"What Fuels Your Inspiration's Wings So That They Can Lift Your Ideas Into Creative Being?"

The above is the question for this weeks Party Post! I.A. Challenge, and while there are too many things that inspire me to count-- I figured I'd talk about all those things, and then talk about the drawing I submitted that shows one thing specifically.

So, I'm inspired by lots of things. Silly little things, like cute animals (be they drawn on a page, running across a computer or TV Screen as a cartoon, real life creatures, or plushie stuffed toys), are one. Nice people and kindness are another. Anything that's a good story inspires me, whether it is uplifting or really intense and heavy.

I even find stories like "The Count of Monte Cristo" inspirational (or that new show, "Revenge," which is kind of like a modern day version of it with a female protagonist), because comeuppance is not exactly an easy real-life thing for people to obtain sans consequences. But when on screen, onstage, or on the page, there is the possibility for bad characters to suffer consequences, while good characters may prevail and finally get a happy ending, even if there are flaws present-- I enjoy that.

I'm always inspired by stories, be they in a comic, in a painting, in a play, or in a film. Lots of art speaks to me, whether it's black and white and very ink heavy like an alternative graphic novel, or very bright and poppy like some paintings or animation, and things across the spectrum from very tragic to very silly and fun. As I said, as long as a story is a strong one, I am impressed by it. I'm inspired by things that make you think, by humor, by intelligence, and good conversation-- the list goes on.

And I guess finally, everyday things in life are inspiring-- friends, family, people in my real life and in fiction who continue to push forward even if they are continuously in Sisyphus type situations, stories of people being kind no matter what is thrown at them, and whenever adversity is triumphed over. This is a little embarrassing to admit to anyone who isn't at all into pop music, but I actually like the Katy Perry song "Firework" (although I prefer the Lea Michele cover of it from "Glee," voice-wise), because it has so many lyrics that basically tell a person to keep going, and that tell a person he or she is great, no matter how awful they feel at the moment. "After a hurricane, comes a rainbow...," and all that jazz.

But anyway, the image I chose to submit has to do with being inspired by love, and your family. I made a bunch of spot illustrations for my website to show some samples of black and white, editorial-y type works a while ago. I made some new ones I didn't get to post on my site yet, but one is a drawing of a girl and her two parents at her birthday party. My apologies, because I need to scan it in properly-- as posted, it's the best quality mobile phone picture I could get.

In truth, the drawing is based on a photo of my Mom, my Dad, and me, circa ten years ago (eeeeeeeeeep!), that was taken at a friend's wedding. But I changed for illustration purposes, to show a happy family scene for a birthday celebration for their daughter. I am lucky to have the family I have, and I thought this drawing of us would be good to post for this challenge, to show inspiration and gratitude. In some ways , looking back on a moment from things when they were easier can be painful, but I suppose also inspirational if you choose to look at it properly. One of my good friends is always talking about having the right perspective to view things in, and it can be hard, but the positive/being inspired by things perspective I think is always the best.

So, I'm ending this mini-novel. Whee? Whee. Hope anyone who read it enjoyed it, and this party post thing is pretty cool! Hope everyone's having lots of fun with it (-:

And now for some links:

For more of the spot illustrations I mentioned, please go to:

Thanks for reading --!!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Illustration Friday: Scattered

The theme for "I.F." this week is "Scattered." And so, I present to everyone a card I made where two birthday girls are juggling, and therefore scattering their juggling balls hither thither and yon.

I am a sleepy cat, so I won't say too much more. But here are some links as per usual:

To submit to Illustration Friday, please go to:

To see more cards like this one at my site, please go to:

And (because today is "Caturday") for a funny cat who is cute, but whose meow makes you go "Aww! It's okay, don't freak out little guy," please go to:

Hope everyone's having wonderful weekends.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Cupcakes! Creative Tuesday's Latest Theme Of Win

So, here is a card I sold a while ago, submitted for this Creative Tuesday's Scrumptious Theme!

As it is about two friends who are wheeling around a wheelbarrow full of cookies, cupcakes, and donuts, while frosting enormous cupcakes that they are stepping on, I figured it would fit the theme ;-)

As a Cupcake Afficionado, I must say this theme is quite awesome. Thank you as always, Mister Toast! It's really nice to participate in online blogs where people have such fun ideas, cool contributions on similar themes (that somehow end up being creative and all different in a great way), and wonderful positivity.

Now for some links.

To submit to Creative Tuesdays, please go to the most recent link at:

(Past artists may notice the link has changed-- it has, because Mister Toast expanded the challenge to its own blog! His writings and updates on how his online blogs are going can be found at:

To see other cards like this one at my site, please go to:

Hope everyone is having a fun and Tasty Tuesday. I wonder if there are any food blogs that hold a weekly or bi-weekly competition called "Tasty Tuesdays?" Hrm, hrm-- also looking forward to those who submitted photos of actual things they baked. Super cool :-D

Monday, October 10, 2011

Fear for Inspiration Avenue

So, "fear" is a very appropriate for Halloween topic. For this I.A. I am submitting a clip from a page in the comic story I contribued to the anthology, "Samurai: The Graphic Novel."

Instead of being about "Fear" in the sense of "OMG! SCARY! THINGS POPPING OUT FROM BEHIND CLOSED DOORS, SCREAM!," this is more about a person realizing their worst fears.

I won't spoil too much of my story, but a central theme of it is of fear being realized. The fear that no matter how much a person tries and goes above and beyond for the love of another, it may not make a difference and perhaps never have meant anything in the first place.

Fears and phobias are quite difficult to deal with, but in some ways self-deception, putting up with things that one knows deep down are not right, and the realization of things that a person hopes against hope to never come true are in many ways more frightening. Hence this submission, and the perhaps slightly offbeat interpretation of the theme.

I will say that for anyone who likes to be scared in the more traditional sense of the word, there are definitely other stories in "Samurai: The Graphic Novel" that are suspenseful, more traditional in content to Samurais, and have definite scary moments!

Here's some more preview pages from the whole book and via the publisher's own Shopify page if anyone's curious:

And for fellow artists who like to read I.A. or want to submit, here's that link this week:

Thanks for reading, and hope this October week is a "Boo-Tiful" one for you all! Yes, as a punster and lover of Halloween, I had to go there.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

October Rainbursts

Silly Haiku for Tuesday's rain:

Sky waterfall, yay!

Surely, it won't last long, but...

'Tis inspiration

(handmade greeting card; cloudy colors)

(lovely google image result for "los angeles rain;" have done that same walk over that particular bridge)

(window distortion of rain, vol. 1)

(window distortion of rain, vol.2)

(handmade greeting card again, this one featuring teddies, friendship, and a crane in the rain)

Monday, October 3, 2011

Inspiration Avenue: Owls

Good morning, everyone! Yay for finally sleeping and then waking up to fun art prompts.

I love owls and find them quite fun, so I've submitted the below greeting card for this week's "Inspiration Avenue."

The caption says, " 'Owl' Say, You're The Best Friend Ever! "

With it being Autumn and October (the month of Halloween), these little guys are very appropriate creatures to dedicate a theme to (-:

To see other similar cards to this one, please go to:

To submit to Inspiration Avenue, please go to:

And to find out about "Owly," one of the best cartoon owls/stars of an all-ages comic book series to have ever been created, please go to:

Hope everyone is well, and that anyone who participates finds this challenge a "hoot!" (Inserts drum-line sound effect here).

Post Number Three, in the Series of Sleeplessness

Same night. Am aware just posted moments ago. And yet. We have moved onto even NEW acts of the Ballad of the Pesky Headache.

And I have only myself to blame... for I decided to check Facebook one last time, before trying to sleep. Wherein, I came upon this, via a post from a fellow comics person:

That's right. That is, in fact, Phantom Menace Shojo. I am amused, but also a little terrified. And I used to edit Manhwa, so I am not easily terrified given some of the cray cray I read and saw in the past. Anyway. I think it's quite well done, even if it's of one of the infamous prequels, but...

Internet, why are you... I mean, really, is there anything that can't be found in your depths, if people are resilient enough?

I'm not quite sure how the original person who posted this even discovered it to begin with. What Google terms were used to get to this place?

As my friend who posted this said, "What's sad is that this is the best thing I've ever seen related to Phantom Menace. It's only missing Jar Jar Binks in a tuxedo."

(Of course, I'd also like to see this re-drawn with "Black Swan" outfits, but now I'm just getting repetitive-- although Natalie Portman did star both in the above referenced film, as well as my main obsession, so perhaps not? Hrmm hrmm...)

Post Number Two, in the Series of Sleeplessness

My last post along these lines dealt with being up/unable to crash, while having a headache.

Apparently, tonight is Act II of the Same Play.

Perhaps it's a combination of being drained (in a good way, since today was fun and full of lovely artists, writers, and fair-goers-- and some people I was so dorkily excited to meet!) from the West Hollywood Book Fair, and being drained of... water? Well, not drained so much as I'm just at fault for not having drank enough while out in the sun. And by not enough, I kind of mean not at all. Whoops.

The book fair was lovely, and it deserves a recap if and when the busy-ness of life wants to slow down for a bit--but being up and too energetic for sleep and having too full a day tomorrow is not quite as nice.


Before I crack and reach for the Excedrin or ice... I will make use of this time spent without rest, and just bring this entry to its incoherent best.

To quote a famous Dylan Thomas poem... (the true meaning of which is actually very sad, and somber), and to be somewhat silly, while poking fun at various life stresses bringing out the repressed rage in a person (and reference that film with which I'm most obsessed, also considering that Halloween is coming up), here is my interpretation with random images.

"do not go gentle into that good night"

(observe sweet kitteh, attempting to maintain the light of his/her personality, gently falling asleep into the good night)

"rage, rage..."
(observe the kitteh who obviously embodies, "rage, rage...," and perhaps not so joyfully going into that aforementioned good night)
"...against the dying of the light."

Annnnnnd... "Black Swan" kitteh may be experiencing an inner "dying of the light," perhaps which was extinguished by the very fire of her rage.
I just really an excuse to post my MS Paint Ode to "Black Swan: It's Fluffy's Turn."
And now, I'm exiting Stage Left to go pull a Nina vs. Lilly on my headache. At least, the initial perception of how that scene victoriously turns out.