Tuesday, September 27, 2011

¡Viva España! Para la Avenida de Inspiración

I love that this week's challenge comes from an I.A. member who got to travel to Spain (-: Super cool, and hope the travels were magnificent and fun! Traveling is always an inspirational thing, and it of course ties in perfectly to the theme of this community blog :-D

Dance was the theme I decided to go with for this theme. Below is my submitted romantic greeting card, in which one character travelled to Spain to visit the other.

The boy's outfit was meant to be in the style of Flamenco costuming (a famous style of dance from Spain), and the girl's outfit was meant to be more in the style of Baile folklórico (a famous style of dance done mainly in Mexico and Central America).

So, since their outfits reference dances from different countries, I'd like to think she threw on her dancing best, hopped a plane for quite a few hours, and visited her gentleman caller/pen-pal (email pal?) in Spain. And that once together, they'd be able to properly teach one another all those various dance moves that it would be difficult to communicate either virtually or vocally.

How they managed to climb, not freeze, and dance upon one of Spain's many mountain ranges... well, I'd say it is a mystery or impossible, but the great things about cartoons and illustrations is that the impossible can become possible, and whimsical, all with a few strokes of a pen/pencil/any medium a person chooses.

I took liberty with the outfits color-wise, so the background and the snowy mountain-tops they're standing on would pop more. Yellow wouldn't come out in a traditional Flamenco costume (I don't think?), but I thought it complemented the reds, blacks, and grays-- so, I hope it is okay I chose color vibrancy over color accuracy.

Spain and Mexico are two places on the top of my travel list. I really want to go to Mexico City, in particular, and I want to see as many cities as possible in Continental Europe (Paris, France is the only part of the Continent I've been to; when I was twenty and in school in England six years ago I got to France, Ireland, and Scotland each once).

I went back to London in 2009 after saving up like crazy, and I had wanted to go to Italy in 2011 and visit my good friend, and the cities my family is originally from-- but it hasn't yet happened. It would be amazing to see everything, everywhere, really.

So, anyway. This challenge was a very fun one in which to partake. A good reminder to get back to travelling, and sort things and schedules out enough to make it possible.

It's funny, the latest I.A. challenges have almost been like New Years Resolutions-y, in that they keep reminding me of things I love and need to return to doing. Which is pretty cool, since the whole theme of the blog is to be inspired! I'm always inspired by the different ways people interpret the challenges and everyone's starkly different art styles. And the themes are always great fun-- I just really appreciate that these past two have struck a particularly deep chord in the realm of inspiration.

I'll end my late night rambles by including some links:

To see other romantic cartoon greeting cards at my site, please go to:

To submit to Inspiration Avenue, please go to:

Happy Inspiring, and hope everyone is well -- whether snug at home, or out adventuring in some new place.


Craftymoose Crafts said...

I love your card and the story you told to go along with it! I enjoy traveling and have been all over the world, but not to Spain--Yet!

Terrie said...

You always have such fun stories to go along with your illustrations - cute couple.

Tracey Fletcher King said...

I am finding the challenges so inspiring also, but find that visiting different blogs and reading wonderful words to go with images are just as inspiring. You write as well as you paint! xx

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I love your drawings and the colors really DO pop with the yellow. I like these challenges, too, although I almost didn't join this week. Glad I did, though, because it turned into a fun challenge.

WrightStuff said...

Ooh so glad that my little trip inspired you! It really was a whistle-stop tour for me as I was only there one night, but it was lovely!
Your story in the picture really has me thinking - go dance and romance girl and boy!

gemma said...

Great. Love the costumes on your dancers.OLE!