Friday, September 23, 2011

Illustration Friday: Ferocious

I did this piece some time ago, but I felt it would work for the theme of "ferocious."

It was for a noir-themed gallery show, so... yeah, it's pretty dark and I think fits the noir bill. I think it fits the theme of "ferocious," because you have to have some dark/ferocious/pretty awful stuff going on in your heart if you can be mean and threaten scared little creatures.

The entire title of the piece is "It Was Then He Showed Me How To Kill Kittens" (abbreviated usually as "It Was Then He Showed Me...," with the obvious darkness being these two kids with weapons on the street cornering alley cats. Although, there was supposed to be an added layer of darkness because the kids are so young, and "killing kittens" used to be an unfortunate meme/euphemism. Nobody got the dark joke though, so it usually has been interpreted fairly literally. In my mind, perhaps this was some sort of dark initiation thing the kids were asked to do, but they both chickened out before anything else.

It's weird; I make up stories for a lot of the things I create, but when the things are sadder or more macabre I sometimes like to imagine future instances where the characters are in a better place. Motivation to draw follow-up illos, I suppose :-p

In any event, to see this and other color works at my site, please go to:

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And for a greatly inspirational story about a little puppy named Harper who has a new lease (leash?) on life, please read this!

Given how sad the drawing I did is, and given that I am an animal person, I thought this real life story would be a good pick me up from a downbeat post. Also, as the theme is "ferocious," Harper's sweet face and story shows that not all big dogs (esp. pits, which she is) that get sterotyped to be ferocious actually are (-:

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