Friday, September 9, 2011

Illustration Friday: Boundaries (Or in this case, lack thereof)

For this week's I.F., the theme is "boundaries." So I've submitted a piece I did a while ago, entitled "It's Not Easy Being Queen," where boundaries have been crossed; one woman is in complete control of another.

Even though it looks like the two are in a relationship, to be honest, the chains, and the seated girl being slightly terrified, were all meant to be metaphors.

As it's art, anyone looking at it is free to interpret it as they wish-- although I did want to get my disclaimer to the world out there, and explain that this piece, overall, was meant to show an abuse of power. Keeping on I.F. theme, such abuses often involve crossing boundaries.

The title of this piece is a reference to the idea of "Queen Bees." Not just the kind that rule the hive, but the human female kind. There are Queens that rule, yet they manage to rule with kindness... and then, there are the Regina George/Miranda Priestley/Anna Wintours of the world. Befriend or work under such a person, and your automatic reply will eventually be "How high?" after she asks you to jump, and Lord help you if you question such demands-- no matter how inappropriate or insane they may be.

I came up with the idea pretty much through having seen "The Devil Wears Prada" one too many times; from everything I remember when was in college and did a research project on relational aggression among girls; and from... a composite of things. I've already typed a lot, so perhaps I'll just step back from here, so one's own conclusions can be drawn.

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Hope everyone is well this weekend <3

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Gay McKinnon said...

Woohoo, Donna! I really enjoyed this one - it made me think, which is surprisingly rare (OK, me thinking at all is rare, but an artwork MAKING me think is rarer). The colours are great and suit the theme. It reminded me a bit of Xena the Warrior Princess ... not that I watch it of course (ahem)!