Friday, August 12, 2011

"Swell," Illustration Friday

Since the "Illustration Friday" theme this week is "Swell," I thought to include a piece that shows the waves and "swells" of the Ocean. Actually, a crop of this piece is currently the heading of my entire blog (-: --!

This drawing is called "Yang," as a reference to happiness and the lighter half of the Yin/Yang equation. The dragon's actual name is also Yang.

I had fun creating this piece. A lot of times dragons are vilified, so it was nice to make a piece focusing on a girl's friendship with one. Note to self: still have to see "How To Train Your Dragon."

This piece was a lot of fun to draw. I especially enjoyed drawing the little highlights in Yang's eyes. If you look, you see that Yang isn't exactly hungry-- just rather fond of the one fish being chased (while the other fish looks on with a "..." expression).

The pursued fish is not thrilled to be found so "swell" by Yang. But the waves and "swells" the ocean are always good to propel someone forward, if you want to swim away to an escape!

In any case, "Yang" was selected to be in the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery Juried Exhibition in 2008. It was an honor and great fun to be in the show, and I am happy to overall be involved with LAMAGA/Barnsdall Art Park on a regular basis (-:

Here are some links for interested parties:

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Hope everyone's Friday is going Swell! (woo-hoo, look at me keeping on theme)


natsch said...

wow, rad

Baba said...

Great stuff here, I love paintings and drawings and all kinds of arts but specially drawings...
Check out the link, I think you'll like it... Coming back for sure!

Funaek said...

Love your swell illustration! Nice touch with the frightened fish.