Monday, August 29, 2011

Creative Tuesdays: The Ideal Coffee Break

Hello, C.T.-ers! This post is a little more tongue-in-cheek/offbeat humor than I think I've posted, ever, for Creative Tuesdays. I think it also may be the first ever etching I have posted. But, as I felt this etching was very much on theme, I hope everyone will bear with me! It is meant to be funny and lighthearted, and to pay homage to an animal I discovered a bit of time ago. This animal is cute, yet used for something interesting and a little strange. So goes my disclaimer, I suppose.

This etching is called, "Queen of the Kopi Luwak Cats."

I made it after I discovered what the Kopi Luwak Coffee was, and what Asian Civet Cats were, and how these animals are used to make Gourmet Coffee. Don't worry, the animals themselves (cat/lemur like creatures, like those from Madagascar, although these "Cats" live in South and Southeast Asia) are not hurt in the process. But how people use the Asian Civet Cats and their natural goings-on to make coffee is bizarre (although still apparently hygienic), and the resulting coffee is considered so gourmet it is literally thirty dollars a cup.

I won't go into details, but anyone who is interested can Wikipedia search it. For now, I wanted to post my etching showing these cats, and their Goddess of Coffee. She dresses in it, lives near trees that pour it, hangs out with "Kopi Luwak Cats," and her hair perhaps is made of leaves of that very same plant! Must be very energetic where they all live, with all that coffee making and sipping. Although she is playing and being silly, so she is getting to enjoy her Ideal Coffee Break as their Queen. The Kopi Luwak making Cats are still hard at work.

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And on this fabulous topic of coffee, yes please! I am a very big caffeine, tea and coffee-- but very often coffee-- person.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunday Posting Of Illustration Friday

For this week's I.F., the theme is "Disguise," and the protagonist of this spot illo seems to think she has successfully disguised herself, half as a rabbit and half as a sea-turtle.

You can't blame her, since she's riding a sea-turtle friend and hugging a bunny friend. But I think that even though she's playing amongst the animals, she hasn't successfully disguised herself as one.

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Friday, August 19, 2011

Illustration Friday: Influence

This week's I.F. theme is "Influence," and as I am greatly under the influence of Fuzzles the Koala, I have posted the below card which I just finished:

The koalas in this picture are "influenced" by romance in the air. After all, there are hearts and happy surroundings in this scene (the two at the right hand corner are especially having a lovey-dovey time of things), so it would be hard to not be swept up by those feelings, right?

I myself was influenced by Fuzzles the Koala, and I wanted make a card featuring miniature koalas (like him) playing around. I also hid a koala in the tree that the girl is picking fruit from.

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Hope this theme influences everyone to have a great weekend! <3

P.S. On a very silly note, I feel the need to explain.

For anyone curious who might have happened across this blog via I.F.--and who has no idea of what the Fuzzles the Koala references are-- here is a blog where I explained, and also talked about my love for stuffed toys (largely stemming from "The Velveteen Rabbit," and then solidified by the "Toy Story" films-- in particular, the third one). .

Apparently the blog and the content about toys and the notion that they can sometimes be "Real" hit a chord, since I got a positive comment from a friend, and a less positive comment from a person who I believe made an account just to post. Either way, I love both Real and Stuffed animals, and I don't think there's anything wrong with liking something unabashedly-- even if it is something as silly as a plush marsupial (-:

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Inspiration Avenue and Web of Whimsy: "Icy!"

I haven't done Web of Whimsy in some time, and as it is a bit of a whimsical thing to be thinking about snow and ice in this crazy summer heat, I figured that a combo post was in order!

Above is my submission for W.W., as well as "Inspiration Avenue," for this week's theme of "icy."

The sun is beautiful, but the accompanying heat and humidity are not as fun, and things I am familiar with from everywhere I have lived (New York with the most humidity, London when I was in school there happened to have a hot and humid summer, and while L.A. was once only dry heat, with climate change it's gotten muggier as of late). So, thinking of the fact that crisp, cool (I can dream) Fall is approaching, and then thinking of Wintry snowy days, makes this a fun challenge and a great excuse to daydream!

My submission is a card, and while I've thought it would be better as a card during the Winter holidays/seasons, perhaps people might appreciate snowy and icy looking art at this time of year, at least as a way to dream of things other than how sweltering it is.

The girl character in the card, and her cat, seemed not to be too worried by the fact they're sitting on igloos and an ice-kingdom, as they aren't at all bundled up. Maybe they just flew between hemispheres, and the abrupt change from Summer to Winter was so exciting they wanted to feel it all ;-)

Anyway, onto some links.

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Stay cool, guys!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Creative Tuesdays: Moon!

For this week's theme of "Moon" for "Creative Tuesdays, I have submitted the below card depicting what it would be like to hold onto the moon while preparing to leap over it, while you also played among smiling stars.

I'm usually pretty alternative/old-fashioned in how I draw many cards, but sometimes my Manga and Manhwa influences sneak in, which I think happened in this card. Definitely, at least, as far as the stars and their facial expressions are concerned ^__^

The original handmade card (if any readers are in or ever visiting the Southern California area) is for sale at Leanna Lin's Wonderland, a store in the L.A. neighborhood of Eagle Rock! The link for this store, and Beading Workshop/Jewelry Center for children, is here:

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Hope everyone is having a lovely Tuesday! I'd say I hope that everyone feels "Over the Moon," but that phrase is used quite a lot so I will refrain :-D

Friday, August 12, 2011

"Swell," Illustration Friday

Since the "Illustration Friday" theme this week is "Swell," I thought to include a piece that shows the waves and "swells" of the Ocean. Actually, a crop of this piece is currently the heading of my entire blog (-: --!

This drawing is called "Yang," as a reference to happiness and the lighter half of the Yin/Yang equation. The dragon's actual name is also Yang.

I had fun creating this piece. A lot of times dragons are vilified, so it was nice to make a piece focusing on a girl's friendship with one. Note to self: still have to see "How To Train Your Dragon."

This piece was a lot of fun to draw. I especially enjoyed drawing the little highlights in Yang's eyes. If you look, you see that Yang isn't exactly hungry-- just rather fond of the one fish being chased (while the other fish looks on with a "..." expression).

The pursued fish is not thrilled to be found so "swell" by Yang. But the waves and "swells" the ocean are always good to propel someone forward, if you want to swim away to an escape!

In any case, "Yang" was selected to be in the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery Juried Exhibition in 2008. It was an honor and great fun to be in the show, and I am happy to overall be involved with LAMAGA/Barnsdall Art Park on a regular basis (-:

Here are some links for interested parties:

Illustration Friday:

Black and White Works on my Website:

Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery:

Barnsdall Art Park:

Hope everyone's Friday is going Swell! (woo-hoo, look at me keeping on theme)

Monday, August 8, 2011

"Sun-Kissed," Inspiration Avenue

What a fun theme for I.A. this week, "Sun-Kissed!"

It's hard to feel that way when the heat gets too much, but sunlight and Vitamin-D are still beautiful and necessary things, so it's a nice challenge to try and show appreciation for that (-:

I've submitted a card of a Mom and Daughter who are rather Sun-like, and so close to the sun they could kiss it themselves.

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Hope you all have sun-kissed and not sweltering Mondays, slash Weeks! (-:

Friday, August 5, 2011

"Imperfect" for Illustration Friday

This week's I.F. theme is "Imperfect," and given the imperfect (to put it extremely politely and as the understatement of forever) state of the economy throughout the world and in the United States, I decided to submit this spot illustration.

Not as cheery as my colorful card illustrations, but I thought it would be appropriate for the times and the topic. I sincerely hope things get better in the world in all ways, and many virtual hugs to anyone reading this who could use them.

Back on the illo front, to see more spot illos I have done, please go here:

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On a merrier note, good weekend wishes to all <3

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Inspiration Avenue-- Forest for the Trees

This week's Inspiration Avenue prompt is "The Forest For The Trees," which is a profound saying, and a pretty fun challenge! Below is the forest-y card of my submission.

These two little girls are focused on the small details, as they are playing with little ladybugs. Consequently, they're not looking deeper behind them into the rest of the forest.

Since the old adage basically means that people are focusing on the small details rather than the overarching ones (the "trees" representing the smaller details, and the "forest" being the bigger picture), it could seem that the girls in the picture are not paying enough attention to their environment at large.

However, you could also argue that they are focused entirely on their friendship and on playing-- as well as being kind to creatures smaller than they-- all of which are very important, and perhaps some of the most important, things to be focusing on when you are a little kid.

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Very cool idea for a post, and also a metaphorically interesting one. I wish it were easier than it is, sometimes, to "see the forest for the trees." As they say, le sigh :-p

Monday, August 1, 2011

Birthday Today (Yikes!)

So, I'm using that as an excuse to post this card! Partially to be silly, and partially to remind myself to get get drawing on some more.

What can I say? Fuzzles made me do it.

And now, I am off for what I hope are fun and arty adventures ;-)

Won't say more until after the day's end, and hope everyone else is having a nice July to August Transition.