Tuesday, July 26, 2011

SDCC 2011 Recap (Of Cosplay, San Diego Parks, and Silliness)

(Note: Cartoon version above. IRL, Cosplay version semi-below)

So, Comic-Con has come and gone. Always a very fun trip and event, although as a native New Yorker the crowds in the hall (getting bigger every year) tend to stress me a bit. The floor was like a Pop Culture Times Square, which was awesome in terms of visual/mental/aural stimuli... but a little less awesome in terms of being able to walk anywhere. Still, love the Con and wouldn't trade it for anything.

In any event, there were many great panels, after-events, and exhibitors/publishers/artists this year. The "Lucid Dreams" exhibit curated by Mark Murphy designs out in Little Italy on Friday night was one of my favorite events. And in a great neighborhood, too! Lots to see, do, and eat-- the nom-tastic pizza I had made me a happy girl. I am always a bit sad that L.A.'s "Little Italy" was no more by the time I moved to the city, but I digress. Between Little Italy and getting to the S.D. Zoo, these are just more reasons to make myself take a trip to San Diego when it isn't Comic-Con time.

I took too many pictures to put all of them in a blog, but I figured I'd share a couple of snapshots. To be loyal to my blog's description of "Drawings and Other Things," here is... well, a post about other things. Somewhat drawing related (it was a convention that was once solely focused on Comics, after all), but mostly, here are pictures of Fuzzles, Cosplay, Archie Comics, My Little Pony, and Balboa Park (I spent all day Sunday outside exploring, instead of in the Convention Center! Whee!).

Above is Fuzzles, looking out the Amtrak window and admiring the view. Taking the train to San Diego is a beautiful way to travel. When you board the six in the morning train out of Union Station, it's mostly cloudy the whole ride down, and the train goes along the beach for much of the ride. I am a fangirl for the Pacific Surfliner experience!

Fuzzles again, watching my badge. Because Lord knows, left to my own devices I tend to lose things. I'm glad he's willing to help a girl out.

Friday Cosplay! My friend, Veronica, myself, Betty. Yes, that's a wig. I pride myself on my Brunette-ness, although I always related to Betty more and liked her better when I read "Archie" comics as a kid. Some people thought my hair was real, which... not sure how when you see that wig up close and in person (it's been through a lot), and I don't really think I look like a natural blonde, but still, it was somewhat amusing. Fun, unrelated fact: Archie Comics' Headquarters are in my hometown! Well, the town next to my hometown in which I went to h.s. In any event, a pretty cool thing to have such an iconic publisher in your 'hood when growing up :-D

Betty and My Little Pony-- was way obsessed with these as a wee one, so I had to make Fuzzles pose for a picture with me.

Shed the wig on Saturday, so Betty's retired for a while. However, I managed to hug these awesome dudes. I think they were people in balloon-y costumes, which was pretty cool. They might have been blow-up statues, but they seemed to be moving? Perhaps it'll remain a mystery. I really like when over-sized costumed characters wander through Comic-Con and give people hugs. Although, once I almost got crushed by two larger than life Ugly-Doll characters body-slamming me at New York Comic Con. I am a fan of hugging, not crushing (-:

Sunday: Balboa Park's Rose Garden! The people who randomly wandered into the frame happen to match the colors of the flowers, which is kind of cool.

Favorite type of rose. Love it when the tip of the petals are different colors, and the colors fade from red, to yellow, to white. Took a ton of pictures, but figured this was one of the best shots.

Walkway to the many Balboa Park Museums. Very cool Spanish style architecture.

And... will close on a note of riding the Balboa Park Carousel! It was a tough choice between riding the Carousel's frog, dog, or many horses, but I (and Fuzzles) finally went with the cat.

And now, I start plotting a way to have enough time and money to Amtrak it to San Diego for a regular weekend, to see other San Diegan things, and to go to the world-famous zoo.

Before that, though, off to organize the Comic-Con acquisitions! There's a reason they give out those complimentary bags that are about as tall as I am...

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