Monday, July 18, 2011

Inspiration Avenue: "Wings," Forrest Friends, Disapproving Rabbits, and Leonardo DaVinci. His flying stuff, not his painting stuff (-:

I am very excited! For this week's Inspiration Avenue, the theme is "Wings." In June, I finished a piece for the L.A. Gallery/Shoppe/Children's Jewelry Making Place, "Leanna Lin's Wonderland." It's a wonderful space, and more can be found out about them here:

Said drawing/painting was made for the upcoming show, "Forest Friends," and it also happens to fit the "Wings" theme.

This ink, gouache, and copic marker drawing is also my submission for the "Wings" challenge here on I.A. It features a Fairy who has wings, playing airplane with a Bunny who is just testing out his new (but styled in an old-fashioned, steam-punky way) flying machine, who is being helped to fly with his pilot Birdie friends.

The Bunny is... well, he doesn't have a name, but I think of him as Leonardo DaVinci Bunny.

There are also two other bunnies, one who is gossiping on the phone to the fairy instead of helping her navigate the bunny plane ("Gossip Girl" Bunny? Blair Waldorf Bunny?), and one who is unimpressed at the chattering, and is going to hang up the Fairy's phone.

I would call that bunny Unimpressed Bunny, or a Disapproving Rabbit. I sadly cannot take credit for the Disapproving Rabbit phenomenon, but I will direct my readers towards this hilarious website (on which they also based a book, which I own, and is quite cute and accurate-- bunnies make the darndest faces when they are unamsed!):

In any case, since I happened to scan in this image pre-painting it, I'm also going to share what the drawing looked like, sans color (well, only a few bunny noses, feet, and fairy shoelaces were colored here):

Here's a blog I wrote, showing the details and progress of it before the coloring:

And, that's all for now, folks! While it isn't up on my site yet, here is the link to more similar color works of mine at my website:

And here is the link to Inspiration Avenue to submit this week, where everyone can then put their link in the Comment Section:

Hope everyone's weeks are flying high, thus far! Okay, so that was bad. But, pun included for silliness, I do truly mean that statement :-D


Tammy said...

Oh my gosh, I love it! I can see it being a children's book illustration. So fun!

Kathy said...

So much to see, and all of it is wonderful. New to this challenge and so nice to meet you.

Kat W said...

WOW!! This is amazing, truly! Imaginative & so clever. This is one of my favourite pieces of yours so far. I was blown away when I saw all the detail. And how fab that you had just completed it in time for this week's theme :-)

Kat Xx

IM GIRL said...

I love your imagination, it comes right through your drawing and brings it right to life.
Fantastic job!


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I went to the Disapproving Rabbits site and got all lost in the photos and remarks. I see why it is an inspiration to you. And I love the steampunky flavor of this beautiful piece. Couldn't help laughing at every twist and turn. Great IA challenge entry.

Amanda said...

Your art is so creative and fun. I enjoy visiting your blog.

Stephanie Mealor Corder said...

Oh this has got to be my new favorite of your work- FaBUloUS and FUN!

Judy Goddard said...

Curiouser and curiouser! Better and better! I love this picture!

Barbara said...

Wow! Your art is wonderful...

gemma said...

Have a great show Donna!
This is a very cool piece.

Magpie said...

My goodness. I can see why this bunny needs all the help he can get. It's a very complicated business!

As someone already pointed out, you have quite an imagination! And the artistic talent to go with it. Love this piece, and it's perfect for "Wings"!

artangel said...

I love the imagination and sense of story behind all your pieces Donna! This is wonderful - Leonardo da Vinci bunny is my new hero ;) Lots of luck with your show too!