Friday, July 1, 2011

Illustration Friday: Remedy

This week's I.F. theme is "Remedy," and my spot illustration submission shows a couple of characters who need one.

The little girl needs a remedy for feeling sad, and her teddy-bear needs a remedy for having been ripped. But luckily, even though they are sad, the Mom in the picture will make it all better. Once she sews him back together, the teddy's issues will have been remedied. And once he's all better, the girl's sadness will be fixed-- and everyone can return to playing! I trust that Mister Bear is not too hurt, as he's still smiling, and he knows his human loves him enough to promptly get him repaired.

In any event, to see more spot illustrations of mine, please go to:

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Hope everyone in the U.S. and Canada is off to a great Holiday Weekend! And for everyone elsehwere, hope you are off to a great Regular Weekend ;-)

On a somewhat related note, I in shock that it is already July. Eep! Oh well-- the summer brings lots of arts and outdoorsy activities (as well as comic conventions), and for that I am grateful.

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