Friday, July 15, 2011

"Gesture" for Illustration Friday

For I.F., although I have blogged about this piece before, I am submitting it for this week's theme.It is titled "Solidarity," and thought it was perfect for this challenge because the girls still walking up the stairs and fighting against the girls being cruel to them are showing a gesture of solidarity to one another.

It's also a commentary on (and a reminder of) the unfortunate inequalities put back into place in California. I'm glad New York is moving forward, and hope other places start to as well. But, I digress, and should stay on drawing-y topics.

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Thanks for reading, and Happy Fri-day, Fri-day! (Forgive me, the song is much hated, I know... but I couldn't resist and felt like being silly)

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Indigene said...

Wonderful and unique way of handling the prompt!