Friday, June 10, 2011

Illustration Friday: "Swept," and Long Beach's NOZOMI "Hope For Japan" Weekend Art Show!

This week's theme for "Illustration Friday" is "Swept!"

While I didn't have a piece featuring anybody cleaning, I decided to interpret the theme nautically. These two girls are busy exploring and having fun by the sea.

They're "swept" up in the moment, probably feeling their hair blow in the wind (and therefore feeling wind-"swept"), and perhaps not noticing the boy watching them in the distance. Does he hope to "sweep" the older girl off her feet?

In any case, to see more cards like this, please go to:

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And on an unrelated note to I.F. (but a related note to art), if you are in the Long Beach/L.A. area, please come out this weekend to the "NOZOMI: Hope for Japan" Art Show!

It is a show I am happy to be a part of, and it is for a great cause. As the above poster states, it'll be held from three in the afternoon until eight at night, at Long Beach's Pacific Wind Arts And Sculpture Garden.

There will also be vendors there, musical performances, sweets to eat (NOM NOM), arts and crafts for little ones to occupy themselves with, and an art raffle. So, anyone of any age will enjoy it, and is welcome (-: And also, all the proceeds will be donated to Global Givings Japan Earthquake and Relief Fund.

So, hope people will be able to make it out! And here's hoping everybody's weekend sweeps them off their feet! ;-)

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INDIGENE said...

I love the colors and the chaotic energy of the young it displays! :)