Wednesday, June 8, 2011

"Baking" for Inspiration Avenue/Web of Whimsy

So, a quick rambling before explaining the below I.A. and Web of Whimsy Picture, which for this week is themed "Bake!" Well, I.A. is themed "Bake," and Web of Whimsy is open to interpretation, as long as the submission is whimsical.

I just traveled to New York for a week and a half and got back tonight. It was nice to see family and what friends I could catch up with, as well as attend my college's five year reunion. There was great art to see in and around New York, and it's given me a new zest to go hop around and see cool things in L.A. as I've returned. I am recovering from the heat! The East Coast has beautiful summers, but the heat can be a little overwhelming.

The heat insanity is, in part, why I am posting a picture that is on theme but also set in the wintertime-- thinking of cold wind and snow and such, to counteract thoughts of ninety-five degrees and humid weather.

So, the above greeting card is a picture of two girls baking pink cakes/and cookies, to celebrate both Christmas and Channukah.

To see more (admittedly out of season, but hopefully wintry enough to cool you down on a summer's day!) Winter Holiday Cards of mine, please go to:

To submit to Inspiration Avenue, please go to:

To sumbit to Web of Whimsy, please go to:

As a cupcake/cookie/cake/sugar person, I am excited to see what people will draw (or perhaps even actually bake) for this Art Challenge!


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Like me, your "bake" post touched on the insane heat we are having across the nation this week. Could Lisa have asked for a hotter week to announce this particular challenge?

Granted, I am in awe of your cold weather inspired art cards. Gotta love your imagination in a time of extreme heat and humidity.

WrightStuff said...

Yummy! I'm licking my lips and dreaming of jam tarts :)

PetraB said...

Here in the South of England the evenings are still very chilly and we could do with some of your heat. Love your image, it reminds me of my children when they helped 'baking' (lol)