Friday, May 13, 2011

Illustration Friday: Safari

I posted this illo once before in a Web of Whimsy post, but I had to share it again for "I.F."

I felt that this picture, featuring an Ostrich, fit the theme of "Safari" all too well. In a literal AND in a punny sense!

A) "Safaris" can be explorations to see the terrain and animals of Africa, and the Ostrich is a bird from Africa.

B) "Ostrich" was an application that was a Twitter extension for Safari, the internet browser.

So, there you go! Two different interpretations of the theme with this illo.

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Have a good weekend!


Ted Blackman said...

Well, since you did your homework to explain the deception... I guess that makes it alright by me.

craftydvl said...

Probably was a bit of a stretch, but I've often seen themed things that fit the theme by barely a thread :-p Either way, glad to know I passed your litmus test? Heh :-)

Chibi Janine said...

Nice illustration. I've seen a ostrich they are blinking big bird