Monday, April 25, 2011

Royal or Wedding for I.A.? Wedding.

For this week's Inspiration Avenue, I am submitting for half of the theme. We can do "Royal Wedding," "Royal," or "Wedding," so I'm going with the latter. Below is a program I was commissioned to do this past October for a friend! I've posted the image before, but as it was done for someone's actual ceremony I thought it would very much fit this week's challenge.

Carolyn MacKinnon (nee Gomer) is the lovely friend and client I did this for, and she has been kind enough to let me post the image of her program on my blog. It was very fun to design, and it was a real treat to draw a happy couple on a special and happy day for them :-)

To submit to I.A., please go here:

Hope everyone in the U.K. enjoys the Royal Wedding Day, and that it is still relatively easy (or at least possible?) to get around town and carry on as normal for anyone not following the ceremonies!

(I love London, and it would be amazing to be there at this time-- obviously, as I am typing from the States right now, it's not happening-- but hopefully I will save up enough to return sooner rather than later.)


Kat W said...

I'm a bit behind this week because I've only just left you a comment on your wonderful submission for the IA angel theme! LOL.

What a fabulous drawing. I'm sure your friend/client was very happy with this. It will be a fantastic, unique and special keepsake for them.

Kat X

Folk Heart said...

What a wonderful work of art, and I have so enjoyed looking at your blog. You are very talented.

Tammy said...

Very impressive. You are so talented! I have never been to London. I hope you get a chance to go back soon.

artangel said...

Great design! The couple must have been delighted to have such a lovely program to remind them of their special day :)

WrightStuff said...

Oh wow, what a gorgeous and heartfelt creation for a wedding. I just love it and I'm sure they'll treasure it forever.

Save up and come to London!! My fave city. Next year we have Queen's 60th Jubilee and the Olympics. What more could a girl ask for?

IM GIRL said...

Love the drawing to cherish. Very well done and perfect for the challenge!!!