Friday, April 29, 2011

Illustration Friday and Web of Whimsy: Lesson

Here is a spot illustration for I.F.'s theme of "Lesson." I'm also submitting it for Web of Whimsy, as it's a lighthearted and silly moment between a girl and a Mom. When trying on Mom's clothes that don't quite fit you, and trying to do so sneakily, one should make sure to be inconspicuous. Or at least not stand right out in the open. If you are more careful, your bemused grown-up would not have been able to sneak up behind you while you are being sneaky. "Lesson" learned.

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Lastly, for anyone in Southern California, the Wizard World Anaheim Convention starts tonight, and goes through Sunday! I am going to be there, and it looks like it's going to be a fun show with lots of cool guests. Also excited that the "Samurai Project" crew are going down together and sitting in the row.

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Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!


dthaase said...

I am really liking this illo - great piece and selection for this week's whimsy

Annabelle said...

Very cool illustration. Like the subject and you've captured it well.

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