Saturday, April 9, 2011

"Bottled" for Illustration Friday (And Web of Whimsy)

Submitting a bit late for both, but this week the I.F. theme is "bottled, and "Web of Whimsy's" theme always is whimsy. I think the below picture fits both requirements.

So, as is evident, I'm posting a card with a "bottle" pictured. A captionless card, it's mostly about friendship, milk, and cookies. The milk is kind of blue-ish, but the fairy friend is pouring it out and the other girl gets to sail through it. I myself wouldn't mind swimming in milk and cookies, so long as the milk was thinned out enough :-) It's definitely overly whimsical, but could be yummy!

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Thanks for reading!


dthaase said...

yeah! glad to have you in the mix for another week of whimsy

Cyndia said...

Interesting. Love the movement and textures!