Friday, March 11, 2011

This Week's Illustration Friday, As Well As Red Cross Donation Reminder

This week's theme for "Illustration Friday" is "stir." Rather than literally interpreting it, I've interpreted the theme more in the, "Causing a 'stir,' " kind of way.

The above Greeting Card was initially for Valentine's Day, or just for romance in general. The inside said, "You Thief! You've Stolen My Heart!"

And given that the boy was unsuspecting of this thievery, he is all-a fluster. The girl who took his heart has really caused quite a "stir." For him, in any case.

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On a much more somber note, I am hoping and praying for everyone affected by the devastation in Japan, and any other places that have been hit by the earthquake/tsunami.

The Red Cross's website is here, for anyone who can help:

Also, an easy way to donate if you can is to text 90999 to your cell phone. It's another way to donate to the Red Cross. $10.00, and the charge will go on your cell phone bill.

Love, hugs, and wishes for the weekend to improve world-round from the foot it is so far on.


INDIGENE said...

Wonderful imagery! We on on the same wave length.

Ted Blackman said...

Nice idea for the word and very unique.

Be careful with the Red Cross, I read recently that they have no transparency and only about 20% actually goes to the causes. They have a lot of high salary executives apparently. Hope what I read isn't true.

Kat W said...

Your characters are drawn with such amazing expression. These two made me giggle. What a fabulous take on romance.

Kat X

craftydvl said...

@Indigine, @Kat, and @Ted, thank you for the kind art words :-)

@Ted, thank you for the heads up. How disappointing! :-(

Do you know any small nonprofits that don't take charitable money for those with inflated salaries? I'd definitely like to donate to one if I could. Thank you for any info :-D