Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Inspiration Avenue-- Celestial!

This week's theme is "Celestial," so I thought to go with a card that is space-y and playful.

Stars are celestial, yet, so are the celestial bodies-- and these random hovering planets that the below two girls are playing with and perched on top of!

The caption for this card reads, "I think you're out of this world!"

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Hope everyone is having a good week!


WrightStuff said...

Great fun. You have a wonderful imagination. Hope they don't throw Earth about too much!

Magpie said...

So imaginative and fun! Great job!

Amanda said...

Your illustrations are so fun. These girls look like super heroes of the Cosmos! A fun illustration for a children's book to teach about the solar system.. Hmm..

priti.lisa said...

Another awesome card...you are so GOOD Donna :)

gemma said...

Good one!
Are you making a deck?

grampa2394 said...

coolio! very girl powerish

Heather said...

Go Girls! Love the message in the card, too. perfect for your fun illustations!

Kat W said...

I love the way they are playing with and perched on top of the planets. Great imaginative fun!

Kat :-)