Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Inspiration Avenue and Web of Whimsy: Springtime!

Spring is a whimsical season, and I.A. has asked for "springtime" pieces, so I am again combining these two challenges ;-)

Here is a punny springtime card, with the caption "Even On This Rainy Day, With You 'Tis 'Fairy' Fun To Play!"

I use the very/fairy pun quite a bit in cards (and I believe I've used it, in differently worded ways than above, with past I.A. submissions) although I always make sure to use a different image each time I riff on the fairy theme. Perhaps I should start spelling it "faerie" on some cards, as I know that is considered a better spelling.

In any event, considering the deluge that California had to usher in its first day of spring, I thought a card showing a flowery yet rainy day would work for this challenge.

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Happy Spring To All !!


Karen S. said...

Even with raindrops this is a charming springtime picture-story...nice rich colors...very nicely done, thanks!

Deanna said...

Very cute. I love how the flower is their umbrella.

Judy Goddard said...

Fairy Fae! Very good!

artangel said...

Great drawing! It really does bring to mind spring with it's showers and glorious blooms!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

This is an adorable take on spring. Loved the idea of the flower acting as the umbrella, even as the rain is pouring down all around.

gemma said...

This is really cute and so appropriate with all the Spring rain we are getting.

priti.lisa said...

Another beauty, Donna.

dthaase said...

yes - this is so well done...a great addition to this week's whimsy - great to have you in the mix