Friday, March 4, 2011

Illustration Friday: Warning

This week's "Illustration Friday" Theme is "Warning," and the piece I've submitted is called "Love Stings."

This was done with Sharpie marker. I did this piece in the winter of 2010, for Downtown L.A.'s Graffiti Gallery, "Crewest." They have an annual "Sharpie Show" every December, and the work is always really cool and varied.

The works from this year's show can be seen below:

In any case, I put this up for I.F. because thought of the theme "warning" in the cautionary tale sense.

If you don't heed warnings, and fall for the wrong person, it can hurt you in the end. Especially when you and a big, sad Scorpion are trapped, forever feeling broken-hearted/being forced to break hearts.

To see more of my black and white works, please go to:

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Happy Friday Everyone!

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Kat W said...

Wow - such a lot of imaginative detail - very clever!

Kat X