Friday, March 18, 2011

Illustration Rally: Help Japan! Illustration Friday: Cultivate.

I.F., this week, is using the theme of "cultivate." Illustration Rally, a great art blog, is accepting art donations to help Japan this week.

Here is the link to do so:

I'll mention the Illustration Rally Donation Link in detail again later in this blog,
but wanted to let people know about this straight away.

With I.F., I debated many different ways to interpret the idea of "cultivate" -- cultivating the mind, cultivating friendship, cultivating plants, or cultivating the imagination.

My submission marries those last two interpretations, as it's the "cultivation" of a birthday tree. The pictured birthday girl has obviously cultivated a strong imagination to imagine a balloon filled- tree.

Then again, perhaps it really does exist somewhere-- and she's merely cultivating it, just the same as other plants and trees in a garden are cultivated. Wonder if she waters it, or somehow gives the leaves helium? I originally made this as a birthday card, and wish I could find a tree like that (-:

In any case, time for links. Both for art, and to help Japan, so please read on!

To submit or see work done for Illustration Friday, please go to:

Those of you who know Illustration Friday may know Illustration Rally. It's a great blog, and Natsuki Otani runs it. She's a very talented illustrator working in the U.K., and she is a wonderful blog moderator. On Illustration Rally, Natsuki makes great efforts to feature many artists, and is always thinking of creative rallies and themes. Artists can then submit work that corresponds.

Presently, the rally is to help Japan. There are links to help donate to relief efforts, as well as a call for artwork donations to help. I am including the link with details at the end of this blog.

Any help would make a difference, and would for sure be going to a good place. I know there are unfortunately websites that pretend to help and send money when they never will -- but Illustration Rally is working hard to help and to make a difference, and anything you could send their way would be amazing!

Thank you much. Here is the link, once again, that I posted at the beginning of the blog:

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INDIGENE said...

Thanks for the link! Your work is so strong and vivid! :)