Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Web Of Whimsy; Thirtieth Of March

For this week's Web of Whimsy, I'm submitting an untitled black and white drawing. The theme of this particular spot illustration are best friends, clowning around, and the circus.

Still have to upload this one and more to this link, but to see other spot illustrations of mine, please go to:

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Hope everyone has Whimsical Weeks!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Springtime For Creative Tuesdays

This week's "Creative Tuesday's" Challenge from Mister Toast is "Springtime." Yay, for ushering in this season with fun art challenges !!

This card has no caption, but the theme is Mother's Day. Which is a springtime holiday! And springtime fairies and flowers abound in this picture.

To submit, here is the link:

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Happy Spring Everyone (-:

Monday, March 28, 2011

Self Portrait For Inspiration Avenue

Inspiration Avenue's theme this week is Self-Portrait.

This piece departs from what I usually post work-wise, both stylistically and medium-wise. It was done with dry pastels, and it's got more of a painting feel than the usual line-work and inky stuff I like to do now.

Totally different than most of the work I do now. I wanted to post a more similar to my usual style, black and white self portrait I had done. However, 'tis not with me, and I had already scanned this one in-- so, I thought to submit it.

I did it a few years ago, and while I haven't worked in pastels recently, remembering how fluid this piece was to make is inspiring-- maybe I'll at least partially return to pastels, to at least use them in mixed media, in the future. Wanted

Should you wish to submit to Inspiration Avenue, or to view submissions, please go to:

<3 <3 Hope everyone is well <3 <3

Friday, March 25, 2011

Illustration Friday: Toy. And Can You Find Ten Hidden Cars?

I took a children's illustration class some time ago. I have blogged this picture in the past, but here it is again since it so well fits the "Illustration Friday" theme of toy! "TOY!" Yay :-D

Also, this picture contains ten hidden cars. Can you find them?

Sadly, while the sleepover party these characters are having is rife with toys, there is no magnificent marsupial to be seen. If it were my sleepover, Fuzzles the Koala would be hanging out :-)

If anyone reading this doesn't know me, Fuzzles is a small plush koala toy of mine who I am very fond of. I am very fond of toys, stuffed toys, and dolls in general, so this theme makes me happy.

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Hope everyone's having a good start to the weekend!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Inspiration Avenue and Web of Whimsy: Springtime!

Spring is a whimsical season, and I.A. has asked for "springtime" pieces, so I am again combining these two challenges ;-)

Here is a punny springtime card, with the caption "Even On This Rainy Day, With You 'Tis 'Fairy' Fun To Play!"

I use the very/fairy pun quite a bit in cards (and I believe I've used it, in differently worded ways than above, with past I.A. submissions) although I always make sure to use a different image each time I riff on the fairy theme. Perhaps I should start spelling it "faerie" on some cards, as I know that is considered a better spelling.

In any event, considering the deluge that California had to usher in its first day of spring, I thought a card showing a flowery yet rainy day would work for this challenge.

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Happy Spring To All !!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Illustration Rally: Help Japan! Illustration Friday: Cultivate.

I.F., this week, is using the theme of "cultivate." Illustration Rally, a great art blog, is accepting art donations to help Japan this week.

Here is the link to do so:

I'll mention the Illustration Rally Donation Link in detail again later in this blog,
but wanted to let people know about this straight away.

With I.F., I debated many different ways to interpret the idea of "cultivate" -- cultivating the mind, cultivating friendship, cultivating plants, or cultivating the imagination.

My submission marries those last two interpretations, as it's the "cultivation" of a birthday tree. The pictured birthday girl has obviously cultivated a strong imagination to imagine a balloon filled- tree.

Then again, perhaps it really does exist somewhere-- and she's merely cultivating it, just the same as other plants and trees in a garden are cultivated. Wonder if she waters it, or somehow gives the leaves helium? I originally made this as a birthday card, and wish I could find a tree like that (-:

In any case, time for links. Both for art, and to help Japan, so please read on!

To submit or see work done for Illustration Friday, please go to:

Those of you who know Illustration Friday may know Illustration Rally. It's a great blog, and Natsuki Otani runs it. She's a very talented illustrator working in the U.K., and she is a wonderful blog moderator. On Illustration Rally, Natsuki makes great efforts to feature many artists, and is always thinking of creative rallies and themes. Artists can then submit work that corresponds.

Presently, the rally is to help Japan. There are links to help donate to relief efforts, as well as a call for artwork donations to help. I am including the link with details at the end of this blog.

Any help would make a difference, and would for sure be going to a good place. I know there are unfortunately websites that pretend to help and send money when they never will -- but Illustration Rally is working hard to help and to make a difference, and anything you could send their way would be amazing!

Thank you much. Here is the link, once again, that I posted at the beginning of the blog:

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I.A. and Web of Whimsy for Saint Patrick's Day!

Happy Saint Patrick's Day! I'm a day early but celebrations are fun early, no?

For this week's appropriate I.A. challenge, as well as for this week's Web of Whimsy, I am submitting a card that is romantic, hopefully full of good luck, and for Saint Patrick's Day.

To submit to I.A. or to see this week's submissions, please go to:

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Thanks for reading and good luck wishes to all (-:

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Creative Tuesdays: Breakfast!

Creative Tuesdays has the theme of "Breakfast" this week, so below is a commissioned card I made some time ago to fit the theme! Also, with Easter coming up, I figured a card with a rabbit and some eggs could work.

The caption was, "I Think You're Eggs-Cellent!"

To view this card on my site, and more love/romantic cards, here's my website link:

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Happy nom-nom-ing~!

Friday, March 11, 2011

This Week's Illustration Friday, As Well As Red Cross Donation Reminder

This week's theme for "Illustration Friday" is "stir." Rather than literally interpreting it, I've interpreted the theme more in the, "Causing a 'stir,' " kind of way.

The above Greeting Card was initially for Valentine's Day, or just for romance in general. The inside said, "You Thief! You've Stolen My Heart!"

And given that the boy was unsuspecting of this thievery, he is all-a fluster. The girl who took his heart has really caused quite a "stir." For him, in any case.

To view more submissions, or to submit to I.F., please go to:

On a much more somber note, I am hoping and praying for everyone affected by the devastation in Japan, and any other places that have been hit by the earthquake/tsunami.

The Red Cross's website is here, for anyone who can help:

Also, an easy way to donate if you can is to text 90999 to your cell phone. It's another way to donate to the Red Cross. $10.00, and the charge will go on your cell phone bill.

Love, hugs, and wishes for the weekend to improve world-round from the foot it is so far on.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Inspiration Avenue: Black, white, and pink!

This challenge reminds me of "Black Swan," in that this same color scheme featured prominently in the film-- it was a bit more of black, gray, and pink, actually. In any case, I trust that the I.A. submissions will be equally beautiful to the film, but more uplifting :-) !!

My submission is below, and it is a Greeting Card with the caption, "A Great Day is In Your Cards!"

As usual, I can't resist puns.

To submit, or to check out this week's thematic submissions, please go to:

Happy Inspiring!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Illustration Friday: Warning

This week's "Illustration Friday" Theme is "Warning," and the piece I've submitted is called "Love Stings."

This was done with Sharpie marker. I did this piece in the winter of 2010, for Downtown L.A.'s Graffiti Gallery, "Crewest." They have an annual "Sharpie Show" every December, and the work is always really cool and varied.

The works from this year's show can be seen below:

In any case, I put this up for I.F. because thought of the theme "warning" in the cautionary tale sense.

If you don't heed warnings, and fall for the wrong person, it can hurt you in the end. Especially when you and a big, sad Scorpion are trapped, forever feeling broken-hearted/being forced to break hearts.

To see more of my black and white works, please go to:

To submit, or see cool I.F. submissions, please go to:

Happy Friday Everyone!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Inspiration Avenue-- Celestial!

This week's theme is "Celestial," so I thought to go with a card that is space-y and playful.

Stars are celestial, yet, so are the celestial bodies-- and these random hovering planets that the below two girls are playing with and perched on top of!

The caption for this card reads, "I think you're out of this world!"

To view more cards in this fantasy vein, please check out this portion of my website:

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Hope everyone is having a good week!

Creative Tuesdays: Bedtime, and Enid and Edgar Vintage!

Today's challenge for "Creative Tuesdays" is "Bedtime."

Below I have submitted a greeting card which shows girls who have had a sleepover birthday party, and who are about to head off to bedtime.

This particular card has already been sold, but that and more like it can be bought at Enid and Edgar Vintage Boutique in the neighborhood of Silverlake, in Los Angeles, California. The couple who run it are the sweetest people ever, and they have a great collection of vintage clothes, art, handmade crafts, and even toys.

Here is a link to their blog , and a very cool lookbook is even included!

It was a quick tangent, but I wanted to let others know of them since their store is so neat and they are so nice :-D

For more art submissions on the theme "Bedtime," or to submit your own "Bedtime" themed artwork, please go to Mister Toast's blog!

Link here:

Here's the link for Mister Toast's blog overall:

Hope everyone is having a rest-ful day, as per this challenge. Heh heh :-p Couldn't resist a pun, as per usual, but I hoped it help someone smile (-: