Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Web of Whimsy: Manga Sculpey Tiger Ornament and Friends!

I am trying something new for this week's Web of Whimsy!

To submit for this week, or check out other submissions, please go here:

As for my own whimsical contributions, I am posting some whimsical magnets, ornaments, or toys made of Sculpey Clay, which I make in addition to my illustrations and art. For the post, I am posting my tiger, but feel free to scroll down and check out the other little dudes.

I sold some of these at a past art fair, where I took these pictures, and the rest are still for sale.

Have fun and Happy Whimsy!

Here is my anime-styled tiger/kitty creature, who is an ornament. He could also be a heavy necklace. He has since gone to a new home!

This little bear is a magnet, and he has a rain hat and booties. He too has gone to a new home!

Here is another little polar bear/wintery ornament for Christmas. I gave him away as a birthday gift.

Ellie Phant, who possibly went to ballet school with Angelina Ballerina, is still for sale!

A toy sculpture of a "flying witty," a creature I made c. 2008. Think I've talked about them on my blog before. They're flying kitties, roundly shaped. I haven't sold this guy and am not quite sure I want to part ways with him.

This eraser toy, based on Fuzzles (my "pet" plushie koala), I think has been purchased? I need to check and get on top of things!

This magnet is also based on Fuzzles! He has since been purchased.

A smiling lady bird (or lady bug, depending on if you are into U.K. or U.S. English), who again, can be either a heavy necklace or an ornament. I can't remember if she is still with me, or has gone to a new home! I must check.

I have a thing for pink elephants, and these two little guys are sculpted together. They're still for sale.

Lastly, more sculpey pink elephant toys! These guys are also a literally attached couple, and are dressed as Salt and Pepper shakers. They've gone to new homes, too.

Happy Whimsical Day!


dthaase said...

ha - these are wonderful...I love those pink elephants - what a delightful addition to this week's submissions - very fun

Karen S. said...

I so enjoyed everyone!