Friday, February 11, 2011

Sweater for Illo Friday

This week's theme for I.F. is... "Sweater!"

My submission is a piece entitled "Caught Red-Handled."

This is an illustration I did two years prior, right after I visited London. I got the original idea from a photo I took, although no red-handed umbrella-snatching of red-handled umbrellas occured I.R.L. :-D

In any event, all the characters (except for the policeman) are wearing sweaters. Or, they're looking at hats, sweaters, and various other clothing items at the street fair (they're at Notting Hill London's Portobello Road Market). So, I figured it fit the theme.

Now, for a quick segue between discussing "L" titled cities (from London to Los Angeles).

If you are an Angeleno, or live in the greater area, there is a great Valentine's Fair going on at Old Town Pasadena's "The Majestical Roof," located at 88 Fair Oaks Avenue at the courtyard by Fair Oaks and Holly Street. It's tomorrow, February 12th, from eleven in the morn until six at night.

Then, later that night, there's a very fun art opening going on at Eagle Rock's Leanna Lin's Wonderland! Located at 5025 Eagle Rock Boulevard, they're a wonderful shoppe of art, jewelry, cards, and stuff for kids. Check them out here:

Anyhow, enough of sweaters, art openings, and rambling. Many thanks for reading and hope everyone has a great weekend!


Vilt og vakkert said...

Smart illustration for this week's topic ;:OD)

INDIGENE said...

Great illustration, full of movement, color, textures and expression!

Kat W said...

Amazing detail, so clever - I looked at it for a while seeing new details.

Kat :-)

craftydvl said...

Thank you guys! Means a lot to me :-D Wherever you are posting from, hope you each have lovely Valentine's Days !!