Monday, February 14, 2011

Inspiration Avenue: Faded

This week's challenge is "faded," be that a physical state of being, or as the challenge states, "aged, soft, feminine, sepia toned."

My week is quite mad in terms of time to make new work for the challenge. Yet, I had previously created the above etching, which is both:

A), in Brown/Sepia ink, and
B), titled "Faded Memories."

"Faded" can mean many things, and my interpretation a bit melancholy-- but many lovely things can be faded. The color of a book's cover, when faded, can turn into a lovely pastel, for example. Or a faded look to clothing can be quite pretty. It all depends, and it's an interesting choice for the challenge.

To see more of my linocuts and etchings, please go here:

To submit, or see other "I.A. Faded" submissions, please go here:

Thanks for reading! And also, hope everyone's Valentine's Day is fun, no matter how it's spent.


Judy Goddard said...

Etchings are such a great way to create! I do wood and lino cuts but have never attempted etching.

I love your entry! It kind of fits my mood lately.

Msartist said...

Such a lovely etching and it fits faded perfectly. I only tried etching once. I should try it again. I loved it, but never did it again.
Have a lovely weekend! Theresa

bluegiraffe said...

Your etching is fabulous- I envy your talent!

priti.lisa said...

This is fascinating, Donna...I didn't know you did etching...and so well <3

Kat W said...

How spooky that we both went with the title 'Faded Memories'! This etching is amazing, so full of detail and character. I'm in awe of your talent!

Kat X

craftydvl said...

Thanks everyone! The responses you all did were lovely. I think "Faded" is a very cool idea. So many variations on the theme! <3