Friday, February 4, 2011

Illustration Friday: Reverse

This week's I.F. theme is "reverse," and people are having very cool and very different interpretations on the site!

My own interpretation is shown in this spot illo I did this week, which involves being a teen or tween girl, gossip, distrust, and backstabbing.

The theme of "reverse" comes into it, as these girls have had their roles "reversed."

The girl on the right has metaphorically been a "rat." According to various definitions on Urban Dictionary (I know, I know, but bear with me), a "rat" is someone who is a traitor, backstabber, or a tattle tale-- the title of which I think you've earned once you've snooped into someone's diary, with possible intent of blabbing the secrets to others.

However, the snooping girl got caught. The mousy girl is not pleased. And the backstabbing, the mean-girlishness, and the title the "rat" is, is about to "reverse" once mousy girl gets back at her so-called friend.

And on an unrelated note, I do actually think mice, rats, possums, and creatures like that are cuties-- it was just fun to use the alternate definition to create this small drawing.

To see more of this week's great entries, please go to

Have fun this weekend! Happy Chinese New Year, Year Of The Rabbit! :-)


INDIGENE said...

Love their facial expressions and the line work is amazing!

Reflections said...

Great cartoon, love the concept behind the artwork. said...

Nice drawing, I like your style

Mmm said...

Donna, that is such a great interpretation. thank you for explaining it. so well excecuted and
drawn too. Great job.