Friday, February 25, 2011

Illustration Friday: Swarm

For this week's I.F., I'm submitting a Halloween greeting card I made that was captioned:

"May Your Halloween 'Bee' 'Purr-' Fect!"

While there are not billions upon billions of bees in this card, the boy is wearing a bee suit, and there are a few bees buzzing about. And yes, the theme "swarm" immediately made me think of bees, hence this submission.

As usual, the caption of this greeting card also shows my obsession with puns.

I tweeted and Facebooked the other day (speaking of puns), that I found a neighborhood salon called "Shear Perfection." I was super amused, because I love plays on words, no matter where I can find them.

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Good Weekend Wishes to All.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Web of Whimsy February Twenty-Third

For this week's Web of Whimsy, I'm submitting a spot illo I recently finished. It's silly, whimsical, and I think speaks for itself.

To submit, or view what other people have submitted, please go to:

And as for @dthaase's question, slides are fun, but swings all the way! If it's a fun to be a swing as it is to swing, I would be all for it.

Hope all are having a good week !!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Inspiration Avenue: Breathe

So this week's inspiration avenue challenge is "breathe."

I am submitting an image of one of my greeting cards, where the kids in the picture are mid-air (air, of course relates to breathing), outside, seemingly relaxed, and protecting themselves from the wind and rain being breathed out by the moon.

This image is actually one of the images I use on my business cards (-:

I think this challenge was a pretty cool one, especially as it is so able to be interpreted in vairous ways.

For myself, breathing is frankly an activity I need to do more of. Or, something I have to do better. Obviously we all breathe, but I personally need to remind myself to take a step back, to breathe slower, and relax. I'd actually like to learn "proper" breathing techniques, as to my knowledge that can help with muscles unknotting, overall health, and all that good stuff.

I also have to remember to breathe when I talk, since I talk rather fast. When I was little, my Grandma used to use her hands to create a makeshift metronome, so I'd speak slowly enough that it made sense. It was cute and amusing, and it also seemed to work!

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Have a Week of Inspiration, and Remember to Breathe!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Illustration Friday: Layers

Cakes can have layers. Clothing can also have layers (jackets, with sweaters underneath, with more sweaters and shirts underneath, etcetera), which is why I picked this greeting card for this particular I.F. theme.

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Stay warm this winter, everyone! And Happy Friday :-D

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Web of Whimsy, Post ValenWeek

For this week's Web of Whimsy, I'm posting a card that says "I Think You're A Doll!"

And as per the blog's question, if I had to choose between being a fork or spoon? I would have it both ways, and be a spork-- those spoony thingeys with prongs at the end. I like to multi-task!

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Have a whimsical one!

Creative Tuesdays: Lucky !!

The theme this week for Creative Tuesdays was "Lucky," so I felt that posting a Saint Patrick's Day greeting card would do the trick!

The illo comes complete with meeses dancing, kids dancing too, and the requisite green coloring with a tiny pot of gold with a rainbow coming out.

I feel lucky to have discovered "Creative Tuesdays," and I love the work Mister Toast posts on his blog. Both his own, and that made by others who reply to his challenges!

Here's his blog:

And here's the link to everyone's work for this challenge:

Have lucky Tuesdays, everyone!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Inspiration Avenue: Faded

This week's challenge is "faded," be that a physical state of being, or as the challenge states, "aged, soft, feminine, sepia toned."

My week is quite mad in terms of time to make new work for the challenge. Yet, I had previously created the above etching, which is both:

A), in Brown/Sepia ink, and
B), titled "Faded Memories."

"Faded" can mean many things, and my interpretation a bit melancholy-- but many lovely things can be faded. The color of a book's cover, when faded, can turn into a lovely pastel, for example. Or a faded look to clothing can be quite pretty. It all depends, and it's an interesting choice for the challenge.

To see more of my linocuts and etchings, please go here:

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Thanks for reading! And also, hope everyone's Valentine's Day is fun, no matter how it's spent.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Sweater for Illo Friday

This week's theme for I.F. is... "Sweater!"

My submission is a piece entitled "Caught Red-Handled."

This is an illustration I did two years prior, right after I visited London. I got the original idea from a photo I took, although no red-handed umbrella-snatching of red-handled umbrellas occured I.R.L. :-D

In any event, all the characters (except for the policeman) are wearing sweaters. Or, they're looking at hats, sweaters, and various other clothing items at the street fair (they're at Notting Hill London's Portobello Road Market). So, I figured it fit the theme.

Now, for a quick segue between discussing "L" titled cities (from London to Los Angeles).

If you are an Angeleno, or live in the greater area, there is a great Valentine's Fair going on at Old Town Pasadena's "The Majestical Roof," located at 88 Fair Oaks Avenue at the courtyard by Fair Oaks and Holly Street. It's tomorrow, February 12th, from eleven in the morn until six at night.

Then, later that night, there's a very fun art opening going on at Eagle Rock's Leanna Lin's Wonderland! Located at 5025 Eagle Rock Boulevard, they're a wonderful shoppe of art, jewelry, cards, and stuff for kids. Check them out here:

Anyhow, enough of sweaters, art openings, and rambling. Many thanks for reading and hope everyone has a great weekend!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Web of Whimsy: Manga Sculpey Tiger Ornament and Friends!

I am trying something new for this week's Web of Whimsy!

To submit for this week, or check out other submissions, please go here:

As for my own whimsical contributions, I am posting some whimsical magnets, ornaments, or toys made of Sculpey Clay, which I make in addition to my illustrations and art. For the post, I am posting my tiger, but feel free to scroll down and check out the other little dudes.

I sold some of these at a past art fair, where I took these pictures, and the rest are still for sale.

Have fun and Happy Whimsy!

Here is my anime-styled tiger/kitty creature, who is an ornament. He could also be a heavy necklace. He has since gone to a new home!

This little bear is a magnet, and he has a rain hat and booties. He too has gone to a new home!

Here is another little polar bear/wintery ornament for Christmas. I gave him away as a birthday gift.

Ellie Phant, who possibly went to ballet school with Angelina Ballerina, is still for sale!

A toy sculpture of a "flying witty," a creature I made c. 2008. Think I've talked about them on my blog before. They're flying kitties, roundly shaped. I haven't sold this guy and am not quite sure I want to part ways with him.

This eraser toy, based on Fuzzles (my "pet" plushie koala), I think has been purchased? I need to check and get on top of things!

This magnet is also based on Fuzzles! He has since been purchased.

A smiling lady bird (or lady bug, depending on if you are into U.K. or U.S. English), who again, can be either a heavy necklace or an ornament. I can't remember if she is still with me, or has gone to a new home! I must check.

I have a thing for pink elephants, and these two little guys are sculpted together. They're still for sale.

Lastly, more sculpey pink elephant toys! These guys are also a literally attached couple, and are dressed as Salt and Pepper shakers. They've gone to new homes, too.

Happy Whimsical Day!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Inspiration Avenue: Furry

Inspiration Avenue this week is rather fun, and the theme is "furry!"

Figured I would submit this greeting card (with a bit of a Valentine's Day feeling to it)++, which features little kids in furry costumes, and furrily flying kitties and bunnies. Well, their fur isn't flying (which is fortunate), but they themselves are flying, while being furry.

The caption is "Somebunny thinks you're the Cat's Meow!"

To submit or check out submissions, please go to:


Saturday, February 5, 2011

SoArtFul and Amusement of the Victoriana Persuasion

Very fun! SoArtFul this week has submitted the challenge of "Victorian Amusements," complete with a carousel.

While I do not have a piece with a carousel, I have a piece with a Victoriana couple. And a horse. Who, it seems is unimpressed that the happy duo went and tied a balloon to his ear.

To check submissions, submit your work, or to see lovely examples of Victorian amusement, please go to:

To check out this card along with my other romantic cards, please go to:

Thank ye kindly !!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Illustration Friday: Reverse

This week's I.F. theme is "reverse," and people are having very cool and very different interpretations on the site!

My own interpretation is shown in this spot illo I did this week, which involves being a teen or tween girl, gossip, distrust, and backstabbing.

The theme of "reverse" comes into it, as these girls have had their roles "reversed."

The girl on the right has metaphorically been a "rat." According to various definitions on Urban Dictionary (I know, I know, but bear with me), a "rat" is someone who is a traitor, backstabber, or a tattle tale-- the title of which I think you've earned once you've snooped into someone's diary, with possible intent of blabbing the secrets to others.

However, the snooping girl got caught. The mousy girl is not pleased. And the backstabbing, the mean-girlishness, and the title the "rat" is, is about to "reverse" once mousy girl gets back at her so-called friend.

And on an unrelated note, I do actually think mice, rats, possums, and creatures like that are cuties-- it was just fun to use the alternate definition to create this small drawing.

To see more of this week's great entries, please go to

Have fun this weekend! Happy Chinese New Year, Year Of The Rabbit! :-)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Web of Whimsy Week Twelve

For this week's web of Whimsy, I am submitting a little spot illo I did yesterday. Perhaps this communicates the princess fixation girls have, and/or how boys and girls don't always understand each other, even when the boy is doing nice things like carry the girl's books for her.

To see this week's whimsy or to submit more of your own, please go to:

Thanks for being playful!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Inspiration Avenue: Shine

Inspiration Avenue this week is very bright and cheerful! This week's theme, which nicely complements last week's theme of "Broken," is "Shine."

I am submitting a Father/Daughter Greeting Card, to go along with this theme in a couple of ways.

The caption for this card is, "You're Groovy, Dad!"

And as far as "Shine" goes, disco balls are shiny, the background stars are shiny, and people tend to "shine" when in a good place, in a happy relationship (here a parent kid one), etc.

So, there's my interpretation! Hope people enjoy.

To see other submission links or to submit something for "Shine" yourself, please go to:

Thanks for reading !!

Creative Tuesdays: Valentine!

Happy Early Valentine's Day! This post brought to you by the Challenges of Creative Tuesday and Mister Toast (-:

For Creative Tuesdays, I am submitting this piece. It's a Valentine's Card of mine, where I used some traditional imagery and colors (pink and a background heart), and some nontraditional Valentine's colors (blue, yellow, gold, brown, and not a hint of red).

The caption says "Te Quiero Con Todo Mi Alma," which is Spanish for "I Love You With All My Soul."

If anything, this holiday is an excuse to give a nice card, eat chocolate or yummy things, hug someone (whether romantic, family, or friend wise), and to take home one of the many heart-holding stuffed animals in stores that will need somewhere to go after February Fourteenth.

Or if possible, adopt a shelter animal! There are many sides to love, and one particularly big one is puppies/kittens/bunnies/etcetera who need permanent homes. A bit off the topic of human love and relationships, but felt I'd mention it all the same.

So, no matter how you spend it, hope everyone has fun this Valentine's Day !!

P.S., Edited to Add: To post your submissions and see what Mister Toast's latest challenges are, please go here:

P.P.S. Here are everyone's entries complied together in a wonderful collage!