Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Whimsical Wednesday, January Twelfth

As I did last week, this week I am submitting a linocut for "Web of Whimsy."

I did it some time ago, and it's called "Black Cat Groan." As the Mom is likely groaning, while trying to walk the family puppy while her daughter runs out, excitedly, and lets their black kitty cat go flying. Flying kitties are not always happy ones, but hopefully all will end well


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Thanks to all who love all things whimsical!


dthaase said...

oh how fun - another great addition to the whimsy...glad to have you in the mix again!

Jehanne said...

what a cool picture reminds me of hey diddle diddle ... the mother screamed, the little girl had such fun, as the cat ran away with the dog (not really rhyming)..

Karen S. said...

Oh you make this look so easy...I know it's not, but it's so refreshing in a gotta try it kind of mode! Very great detail!

craftydvl said...

Thank you all very much :-) It's a lovely and fun medium, although one to be careful in!

I've definitely done a number on y hand while gouging out the linoleum with the tool, since if you get really into it but don't remember to carve facing away from you, it can be dangerous. But it's a great medium and I recommend it wholeheartedly.

It's good because it is a printmaking method that you can either use with a press (if you've access to a studio), or if not, when you're at home. You can ink the linoleum, turn the inked linoleum face down onto the paper you wish to make the print on, and evenly press across the back of the linoleum with your own weight. Then carefully turn it back over, peeling off the paper-- and voila, new print!

Just be careful when doing the actual carving!

Hugs (-: