Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Web Of Whimsy, On This Whimsical January Nineteenth-- And Norway's Twitter Art Exhibition

For this week's Whimsical Wednesday, I'm submitting a card I did that was captioned "You're A Winner!"

It and two of my other cards were sent to Norway later in 2010, for a very cool art exhibit called the "Twitter Art Exhibit." Kudos to David Sandum who is an artist himself, for organizing this international show! His work can be found at

All of the proceeds from all art cards/postcards/etc. were to go to fundraising for a Norwegian library in need of children's books, because of a slashed budget. Boo on slashed budgets, but yay for artists saving the day! The Moss Library was the library in question, and $3547.00 had been raised towards the cause as of January Seventeenth.

Below's a video from Norwegian Television, where the Library Director was interviewed prior to the opening:

While USPS did not quite come through for me (as my cards there slightly later than our required deadline despite my posting them with enough time to get to Norway), from what I've gathered via posts online, cards that arrived late were able to be included in additional exhibit halls to the main one. Either way, a very fun exhibit and for a great reason. I hope they're able to stock up on many wonderful children's books, both old classics and new and exciting works.
And, concerning "Web of Whimsy," I felt that posting a piece of art, donated towards an exhibition to raise money for children's books, was very in keeping with all things child-friendly and whimsical.

Congrats to last week's Wizard of Whimsy, Paula! Piece ahoy:

To check out this week's submissions or to submit one of your own, please go to:

Hugs to everyone that loves kid's books and things with whimsy!


dthaase said...

Donna...great to have you back again...wonderful post and great submission!

Karen S. said...

May I say YOU are a winner too1 Thanks for the charming artwork and info on your post! I love the foot idea!