Sunday, January 30, 2011

SoArtFul: Valentine's Day!

This week SoArtFul has posed another lovely challenge, and a popular one for this next week and the week after-- Valentine's Day!

So, for the theme I am submitting a card from a while back that I made. I don't remember the caption, but I do remember being inspired by old Victoriana-styled illos with girls playing with one another's hair.

To check submissions, submit one of your own Valentines, or to see lovely examples of Victorian valentines/read the lovely description of their historical significance, please go to:

This challenge really spoke to me, because old Victorian illustrations and cards are what inspired me to start making and selling my own handmade greeting cards three years ago. I started them for a Valentine's fair, and now do them for any holiday I can think of. I sometimes draw people in old-timey clothing, and I rip the edges of the bristol board to make them look old-timey, too. So, thank you, SoArtFul!

Hope everyone is having a good day ^_____^


Jeanette said...

Thanks for your lovely post. This is such a fun card. I love the images. Thanks for being Soartful this week.

Anne (cornucopia) said...

Great artwork!