Sunday, January 23, 2011

SoArtful and Edwardian

So, from peeking around at fellow Inspiration Avenue Blogger's Blogs, I have discovered another challenge website! Quite excited :-)

This one is called SoArtFul, and this week's theme was very fun. Edwardian times!

Many of my drawings, and Greeting Cards in specific, have characters dressed in somewhat of a Victorian/Edwardian manner.

So, here I am posting a card I made some time ago, for Father's Day, where the characters are dressed for the time period, as well as playing the game of Hoop Rolling-- popular in Britain back in the day, from what I understand.

To check out other people's interpretations of Edwardian Times (and to read a fun definition), or to enter yourself, please go to:

Thanks for reading !!


Jeanette said...

Hello there. So glad to have you join us at Soartful. I love your artwork. Please come back again.


bluegiraffe said...

Hi, Donna! Welcome to the challenge. I've been participating for only a few months. It's fun and addictive! Your artwork is so colorful and whimsical--I'm looking forward to seeing more of it. Please stop by my blog and say hi!

craftydvl said...

Thank you both! My laptop is ill, I apologize for not being as comment-ful as usual. I am always on the hunt for a computer to use during free time. Lovely to see your work and challenges, you two! :-D