Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Recap Of Amazing Arizona Comic-Con

(Pre-Blog Disclaimer: Fuzzles the Koala and I are proud artists/nerds)

The Amazing Arizona Comic Con was a great one! I went down with a chunk of the Samurai Graphic Novel crew. Hopefully, all of us will make the next convention! The road trip itself was full of joking, laughing, and commentary on the desert on our way there. We headed down in the morning, and made great time. We arrived just as the sun was setting. And the desert sunset is a pretty incredible thing.

I'll be real. The image over there is from Google and I didn't properly capture the sunset with a camera. But it really looks like that, and it's really awesome.

People say Los Angeles is the desert, which it is, kind of. Sans the beaches at its peripheries. But when you're barreling down the 10 Freeway, into the stretches of land where California ends and Arizona bgins, there are true stretches of desert on every side. You even cut between the mountains at points. And you realize how very truly city-like Los Angeles is, even in the parts that are spread out and classic urban sprawl. You just haven't seen real desert, or real sprawl until you hit those parts of California and Arizona.

Once we were to our destination, I noticed the layout of urban/suburban Arizona. Everyone says nobody walks in L.A. There's even a song about it. But to be honest, people do. And. not just me ;-) While the bus, trains, etcetera are a far cry from New York's public transit, it is possible to use it and get around okay. I do it on a daily basis. But Arizona (at least Mesa) is a place where driving is an absolute necessity. So having to drive a few miles to get anywhere in terms of food, entertainment, and the like, was kind of a trip (for once, no pun intended). The first night, we drove out to a strip mall which had some of the best Indian food I've ever had in my life. Super cool and authentic tasting, in the middle of Mesa! It was fun and surprising.

Anyway. On to more important, comicy, and conventiony topics.

To the left (to the left, everything you own... but seriously, look to the left) is a picture of Jamie Gambell's table space, with an intense looking issue of his book, "Omnitarium!"

The convention was great, and everyone was super nice. It was the first convention of the year, and the first ever Amazing Arizona Comic Con in Mesa, so the lines were super long and people were super excited. People of all ages came, and lots of different vendors were there. The dealers room was varied, from booksellers, to publishers, to artist's alley creators-- where we were seated.

It was exciting, since it was the first time the book was getting released to the public. People have responded really well to the diversity of artwork and story material in the anthology. It was great fun to meet so many people who loved art, loved comics, or both. And it was really nice to get to meet the first people to buy the Samurai book (it was first made available for purchase at this con, its debut), as well as sign it for them. Very cool and very fun!

Sadly, as all fun things to, the convention eventually ended. We hit the road straight away, and it was a good time. Everyone was a good sport about my being silly with Fuzzles the Koala, which I was amused by :-p Roadtrips full of laughter are quite fun. In any case, Arizona doesn't do Daylight Savings. So even though we were on the road for six hours, we got back to Los Angeles at only a quarter past eleven in the evening.

So without further ado, here are some creator links, and creator links/pics of the crew. Links for those who were there and didn't take a photo, or for those who couldn't make it. Thank you, Mesa, for having us!

Karl Alstaetter, Samurai Cartoonist and EIC:
Samurai Cartoonist Jesse Toves:
An interview with Samurai Cartoonist Wayne Young:

A picture of the man himself! Check Samurai Comic Writer and Editor Jamie Gambell out:

Samurai Cartoonist Geremi Burleigh! Check him out at:

Samurai Cartoonist Dan Smith! Check his website out here:

Above is a picture of me doing my best Blair face (I know, I'm silly) with one of my prints. I mention it often, but in any case I'm at

Second to last picture of me being silly, with Fuzzles.

And a photoshoppy/artsy picture of me holding open the book to my section, complete with a Blair face the second.
Signing off, and once again, thanks to everyone who came out!


Love Blisters Factory said...

brilliant looks like you had a good time :)

Kat W said...

So much amazing talent and inspiration. Looks like you had a fab time & I'm not surprised.

Kat :-)

craftydvl said...

Thanks, guys! My Koala sidekick and I felt that it was good fun :-)

Glad you guys enjoyed reading, and hope I was able to convey some of the high spirits of the weekend.