Friday, January 14, 2011

Illustration Friday, January Fourteenth:: Chicken!!

The theme for this week's "Illustration Friday" is a fun one. CHICKEN!! I will resist and repress any urges to start clucking, forthwith.

I suppose it could be taken in the slang, to mean someone cowardly and "chicken" (i.e., I myself am a chicken and jump at slight rustling sounds if walking somewhere in the dark), but I took it literally. So, I'm posting a card I made during Autumn. For Halloween! And the dressed up kiddies are playing with dressed up chicks, while a full grown chicken pulls their cart.

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And lastly, meet the Queen of Chickens! Jannie Ho is a great person and illustrator, who does work for Children's Books, and who loves chickens. If you don't believe me, check out the very cute chickadees she has designed all over her site:

Since I can't resist punning, I'll sign off with some silly "yolks." Have an "egg-cellent" weekend, all!

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INDIGENE said...

Great color and drama!