Friday, January 21, 2011

Dusty For Illustration Friday

For this I.F., I'm posting I guess a bit of a companion piece to my "Deja Vu" drawing from two weeks prior. Another brown ink on brown paper drawing from a while ago. This one is titled "Distance."

The I.F. theme for this week is "Dusty." Rugs and abandoned rooms often get dusty, and as this picture is of two people in a room, the dust could literally be there. Alternatively, they seem to have a strained relationship. Perhaps it was once close, but now as they've grown apart, they might have to brush off the metaphorical dust that's settled.

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Somber picture, but happy weekend!


Darice said...

Their faces seem so much emotion. Great line work!

Missy said...

Very cool, love the brown ink on the brown paper!