Sunday, January 30, 2011

SoArtFul: Valentine's Day!

This week SoArtFul has posed another lovely challenge, and a popular one for this next week and the week after-- Valentine's Day!

So, for the theme I am submitting a card from a while back that I made. I don't remember the caption, but I do remember being inspired by old Victoriana-styled illos with girls playing with one another's hair.

To check submissions, submit one of your own Valentines, or to see lovely examples of Victorian valentines/read the lovely description of their historical significance, please go to:

This challenge really spoke to me, because old Victorian illustrations and cards are what inspired me to start making and selling my own handmade greeting cards three years ago. I started them for a Valentine's fair, and now do them for any holiday I can think of. I sometimes draw people in old-timey clothing, and I rip the edges of the bristol board to make them look old-timey, too. So, thank you, SoArtFul!

Hope everyone is having a good day ^_____^

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Web Of Whimsy, Last Week of January

So, here is my submission for this week's Web of Whimsy! It's a Valentine's card I did some time ago, and the holiday is enroaching, so it felt appropriate.

The rotund flying cats are called Flying Witties, c. 2008 by me, and are little characters I made up who amuse me greatly.

In any event, to submit or see this week's submissions, please go to:

Whimsy For The Win!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Illustration Friday: Surrender!

For this I.F. weekly theme of "surrender," I though this Valentine would fit the bill:

In a game of tag or hide and go seek, once you're caught, you've gotta surrender! And keep the game going on :-p

Check out for lots of cool submissions.

¡ Feliz Friday, everyone !

Monday, January 24, 2011

Inspiration Avenue: Broken, Torn

First off, lovely, melancholy challenge this week! I love the description for this: "When you think of all the things that can be broken, from hearts to cities, it's no wonder creative types are always wanting to make something from the pieces.

I just finished this piece, and felt it appropriate for the Inspiration Avenue theme of "broken." It's called "Oil and Water."

I am going for the metaphor of "broken" here rather than actually breaking something to make art. That said, creating this picture made me think of either incompatible people smothering one another (yet breaking one another down emotionally, so each feeling "torn"), a person's own duality causing them to fracture in their mind (a la "Black Swan"), or even oil and water itself-- substances that, when mixed together, don't exactly "break," as they're liquid-- but they bubble in and out, they separate, and they can never properly mesh together.

I suppose that it's a nice thing that something broken-- either in physical pieces, or an experience or memory in a person's mind, or even a thought that can't be reconciled-- can result in artwork. It makes such things make more sense, and not feel like they were for naught.

This piece and more of my colored pieces can be seen here on my website:

To submit, and to see people's links to their submissions for this week, please go here:

As always, thanks for the challenges (-:

Sunday, January 23, 2011

SoArtful and Edwardian

So, from peeking around at fellow Inspiration Avenue Blogger's Blogs, I have discovered another challenge website! Quite excited :-)

This one is called SoArtFul, and this week's theme was very fun. Edwardian times!

Many of my drawings, and Greeting Cards in specific, have characters dressed in somewhat of a Victorian/Edwardian manner.

So, here I am posting a card I made some time ago, for Father's Day, where the characters are dressed for the time period, as well as playing the game of Hoop Rolling-- popular in Britain back in the day, from what I understand.

To check out other people's interpretations of Edwardian Times (and to read a fun definition), or to enter yourself, please go to:

Thanks for reading !!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Haiku Post Of Silliness

Picture taken some/
time ago... this post is to/
spur forth more Sculpey!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Dusty For Illustration Friday

For this I.F., I'm posting I guess a bit of a companion piece to my "Deja Vu" drawing from two weeks prior. Another brown ink on brown paper drawing from a while ago. This one is titled "Distance."

The I.F. theme for this week is "Dusty." Rugs and abandoned rooms often get dusty, and as this picture is of two people in a room, the dust could literally be there. Alternatively, they seem to have a strained relationship. Perhaps it was once close, but now as they've grown apart, they might have to brush off the metaphorical dust that's settled.

To see more entries at the site, go to:

More of my brown ink/brown paper, or black and white works are here:

Somber picture, but happy weekend!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Web Of Whimsy, On This Whimsical January Nineteenth-- And Norway's Twitter Art Exhibition

For this week's Whimsical Wednesday, I'm submitting a card I did that was captioned "You're A Winner!"

It and two of my other cards were sent to Norway later in 2010, for a very cool art exhibit called the "Twitter Art Exhibit." Kudos to David Sandum who is an artist himself, for organizing this international show! His work can be found at

All of the proceeds from all art cards/postcards/etc. were to go to fundraising for a Norwegian library in need of children's books, because of a slashed budget. Boo on slashed budgets, but yay for artists saving the day! The Moss Library was the library in question, and $3547.00 had been raised towards the cause as of January Seventeenth.

Below's a video from Norwegian Television, where the Library Director was interviewed prior to the opening:

While USPS did not quite come through for me (as my cards there slightly later than our required deadline despite my posting them with enough time to get to Norway), from what I've gathered via posts online, cards that arrived late were able to be included in additional exhibit halls to the main one. Either way, a very fun exhibit and for a great reason. I hope they're able to stock up on many wonderful children's books, both old classics and new and exciting works.
And, concerning "Web of Whimsy," I felt that posting a piece of art, donated towards an exhibition to raise money for children's books, was very in keeping with all things child-friendly and whimsical.

Congrats to last week's Wizard of Whimsy, Paula! Piece ahoy:

To check out this week's submissions or to submit one of your own, please go to:

Hugs to everyone that loves kid's books and things with whimsy!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Creative Tuesdays: Scarf!

This week's theme was "scarf," and as such, Mr. Toast said the theme came with a twist! Hee, I do love puns. In any event, I actually quite like drawing characters who have donned scarves. Many of my greeting cards have characters who wear them.

In this particular illustration, which is another greeting card of mine, the little boy is wearing a rather traditional scarf. I'd say to keep warm, but his lady friend is wearing a teeny scarf but is wearing a strapless top... so perhaps their scarves are merely for fashion's sake.

The caption for this card inside is, "You're The Queen Of My Heart."

To check out other scarf submissions, please go to And remember, stay warm!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Inspiration Avenue: What's Your Favorite Month?

This week, for "Inspiration Avenue," we are to pick a month that is our favorite. Three guesses as to which month I've submitted! Hint: the below card was captioned "Have a Beary Happy Halloween!"

Honestly, my favorite month changes all the time. I've a special spot for August as I'm born then-- and hooey on those "new" astrology signs, because I am a total Leo (with admitted Cancerian elements, because I can listen/adapt/recede backstage when necessary to not be full on roaring into the spotlight Leo). Rant over, but I've been a Big Cat too long and I'm not going back!

Anyway. Onward. December has holiday cheer, and commercialism aside, people who do truly enjoy kindness and giving to others. Even the corny music and decorations everywhere make me smile, and I always get a little sad come the New Year and the festive cups in cafes, the music, and all the holiday things kind of fade away.

February has Valentine's Day, which no matter one's status, guarantees lots of chocolate and drugstores flooded with cute plushies holding hearts, who need homes, etc. Valentine's Day is a good excuse to treat oneself, a friend, or a partner to a plushie critter who will get to leave his or her store! Yay.

However, I can safely say, that (obviously) October is a pretty strong candidate for a favorite month, because Halloween is my favorite holiday. I love to dress up and to give and receive candy. Yet, I also think that my love of theatre, stories, and characters is why I take Halloween so seriously. The idea of being whoever you are, and want to be, is something I've always valued-- but it's easier said than done.

For people who draw, or do anything theatrically, it's possible to create new worlds, characters, and other things, to a pretty good degree. Yet, things like Halloween allow anyone to be themselves, or an extension of themselves, on a day of the year where being silly/free/dressed up is to be met with celebration, fun, and playfulness, whereas those things are harder to swing during the rest of the year.

So, that's all for now, folks. Curious to see what months everyone else has posted about!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Illustration Friday, January Fourteenth:: Chicken!!

The theme for this week's "Illustration Friday" is a fun one. CHICKEN!! I will resist and repress any urges to start clucking, forthwith.

I suppose it could be taken in the slang, to mean someone cowardly and "chicken" (i.e., I myself am a chicken and jump at slight rustling sounds if walking somewhere in the dark), but I took it literally. So, I'm posting a card I made during Autumn. For Halloween! And the dressed up kiddies are playing with dressed up chicks, while a full grown chicken pulls their cart.

For more entries on this week's theme of "Chicken," please go to:

To see more of my cards themed for Birthdays and Various Holidays, please go to:

And lastly, meet the Queen of Chickens! Jannie Ho is a great person and illustrator, who does work for Children's Books, and who loves chickens. If you don't believe me, check out the very cute chickadees she has designed all over her site:

Since I can't resist punning, I'll sign off with some silly "yolks." Have an "egg-cellent" weekend, all!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Whimsical Wednesday, January Twelfth

As I did last week, this week I am submitting a linocut for "Web of Whimsy."

I did it some time ago, and it's called "Black Cat Groan." As the Mom is likely groaning, while trying to walk the family puppy while her daughter runs out, excitedly, and lets their black kitty cat go flying. Flying kitties are not always happy ones, but hopefully all will end well


To check out this week's submissions or to submit one of your own, please go to:
Thanks to all who love all things whimsical!

Recap Of Amazing Arizona Comic-Con

(Pre-Blog Disclaimer: Fuzzles the Koala and I are proud artists/nerds)

The Amazing Arizona Comic Con was a great one! I went down with a chunk of the Samurai Graphic Novel crew. Hopefully, all of us will make the next convention! The road trip itself was full of joking, laughing, and commentary on the desert on our way there. We headed down in the morning, and made great time. We arrived just as the sun was setting. And the desert sunset is a pretty incredible thing.

I'll be real. The image over there is from Google and I didn't properly capture the sunset with a camera. But it really looks like that, and it's really awesome.

People say Los Angeles is the desert, which it is, kind of. Sans the beaches at its peripheries. But when you're barreling down the 10 Freeway, into the stretches of land where California ends and Arizona bgins, there are true stretches of desert on every side. You even cut between the mountains at points. And you realize how very truly city-like Los Angeles is, even in the parts that are spread out and classic urban sprawl. You just haven't seen real desert, or real sprawl until you hit those parts of California and Arizona.

Once we were to our destination, I noticed the layout of urban/suburban Arizona. Everyone says nobody walks in L.A. There's even a song about it. But to be honest, people do. And. not just me ;-) While the bus, trains, etcetera are a far cry from New York's public transit, it is possible to use it and get around okay. I do it on a daily basis. But Arizona (at least Mesa) is a place where driving is an absolute necessity. So having to drive a few miles to get anywhere in terms of food, entertainment, and the like, was kind of a trip (for once, no pun intended). The first night, we drove out to a strip mall which had some of the best Indian food I've ever had in my life. Super cool and authentic tasting, in the middle of Mesa! It was fun and surprising.

Anyway. On to more important, comicy, and conventiony topics.

To the left (to the left, everything you own... but seriously, look to the left) is a picture of Jamie Gambell's table space, with an intense looking issue of his book, "Omnitarium!"

The convention was great, and everyone was super nice. It was the first convention of the year, and the first ever Amazing Arizona Comic Con in Mesa, so the lines were super long and people were super excited. People of all ages came, and lots of different vendors were there. The dealers room was varied, from booksellers, to publishers, to artist's alley creators-- where we were seated.

It was exciting, since it was the first time the book was getting released to the public. People have responded really well to the diversity of artwork and story material in the anthology. It was great fun to meet so many people who loved art, loved comics, or both. And it was really nice to get to meet the first people to buy the Samurai book (it was first made available for purchase at this con, its debut), as well as sign it for them. Very cool and very fun!

Sadly, as all fun things to, the convention eventually ended. We hit the road straight away, and it was a good time. Everyone was a good sport about my being silly with Fuzzles the Koala, which I was amused by :-p Roadtrips full of laughter are quite fun. In any case, Arizona doesn't do Daylight Savings. So even though we were on the road for six hours, we got back to Los Angeles at only a quarter past eleven in the evening.

So without further ado, here are some creator links, and creator links/pics of the crew. Links for those who were there and didn't take a photo, or for those who couldn't make it. Thank you, Mesa, for having us!

Karl Alstaetter, Samurai Cartoonist and EIC:
Samurai Cartoonist Jesse Toves:
An interview with Samurai Cartoonist Wayne Young:

A picture of the man himself! Check Samurai Comic Writer and Editor Jamie Gambell out:

Samurai Cartoonist Geremi Burleigh! Check him out at:

Samurai Cartoonist Dan Smith! Check his website out here:

Above is a picture of me doing my best Blair face (I know, I'm silly) with one of my prints. I mention it often, but in any case I'm at

Second to last picture of me being silly, with Fuzzles.

And a photoshoppy/artsy picture of me holding open the book to my section, complete with a Blair face the second.
Signing off, and once again, thanks to everyone who came out!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Inspiration Avenue:: What Inspires You??

This week, the Inspiration Avenue team has posed us a pretty appropriate question, given the blog's theme as a whole. What is it that inspires us? A great many things inspire me personally, but here is a short list: art, illustrations, ink, black and white illustrations, brightly colored illustrations, imagination, stuffed animals (because I am a nerd), real animals, and a true love for both of those previous things.
So, given that I do love inky work-- and working in just ink, despite doing lots of colored things, as well-- and given that I love plushies and animals considered real by everyone, I'm posting this spot-illo that I did.
Actually, unicorns probably fall in the realm of "unreal" along with plushies, but I'm also inspired by imagination! And therefore, creating a drawing of a girl with a smiling stuffed unicorn, and one in actuality grazing in her backyard, makes perfect sense.
I plan on making black and white spot illos, as well as colored spot illos, and then eventually adding them all to my website.
For some other new spot illos I've done click here:
To check out this week's replies and submissions to I.A., or to paste the link to your submission, go here and to the comments section:
Happy Inspiring!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Illustration Friday. Deja Vu.

I am quickly updating from a fellow artist's iPad. Strange but true! In any case, Ilustration Friday has assigned us to show a piece related to Deja Vu. As that makes me think of the past and my own memories that sometimes come back as if they'd just happened just the other day, I have posted a brown ink on brown paper drawing I did some time ago, which is called "Happy Zoo."

It is inspired from a photo taken... Well not yesterday. Any way, good tidings to all for a good weekend !!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sneak Peeks Of Spot Illos

Along with drawing more fashion illos, a N.Y. (as in New Year, not New York (-; heh heh) resolution I've made is to add a spot illustration section to my website.

Here are my newest illos for the year, c. 2011! 2010 felt like it went by rather quickly.

In any event, while the spot illo part of my site is not yet done, I have at least gone ahead and posted these three that I've worked on.

And with this final post of the night, I must be off. There are errands to be run before the morning. I am excited, as the whole Samurai group of artists is heading down to the "Amazing Arizona Convention" tomorrow.

If you live in the Phoenix area, come to the con on Saturday and/or Sunday to say hello. The convention is being held at the Mesa Convention Center, in nearby Mesa.

And, hey. If you like Samurais, pick up our anthology! You will get a breadth of style and work from several very cool artists.

Inspiration Avenue: What Colors and Hues Do You Dream In?

This week's challenge for "Inspiration Avenue" is very fun: Color!

Specifically, we were asked what Colors are we relating to lately, and how are they coming out in our art.

While I love working in Black and White, Color is also something I get really into. I sometimes use muted palattes, but frequently when I get into Color, I get verrrrrrry into it.

The above is one of my first 2011 pieces, and it is a commissioned greeting card! I know not yet if it needs editing for my client, but I know that it surely fits the I.A. theme of the week, so, here it is.

I guess this means I am presently dreaming in space, in Bright Red, in Bright Purple, and in Metallic/Cobalt Blue Hues.

To submit, or to view this week's submissions, please go to:

Happy Upcoming Weekend !!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Whimsical Wednesday, Jan. 4th 2011

For this week's "Whimsical Wednesday," I am posting a linocut I did a while ago called "Soul Shuffle."
There's a happy couple, hearts, a puppy, and an angel rocking out to good music on her smiley iPod. Hence the word "shuffle" in the title.

For anyone curious, more linocuts and etchings I have done can be found here at my website:

Back to all things Whimsical on Wednesdays.

This week's Wizard of Whimsy is sure to "light up your life!" I can't resist punning. Winner ahoy, and congratulations!

To see this week's whimsy, or to post some of your own, here is the link:


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Creative Tuesday: New Year

Mr. Toast has asked us how we rang in the New Year! Well, mine personally was quiet and huddled with family inside from the New York blizzard, eventually watching the "Times Square" ball drop down, be all flashily pretty, etcetera.

However, even if I myself am having a quiet time, the great thing about art and illustration is that you can allow your characters to have far more fanciful and colorful times than is always possible in real life.

So, I thought my above celebratory card was cheery and fanciful enough to warrant being posted for this Creative Tuesday Theme.

In general, I hope to ring in the New Year, and sail forward in this New Year, with lots of drawing, card making, art/theatre/music experiencing, working on new projects, and time spent with those I love on each side of the country (and even outside the country, if I get lucky).

Happy 2011 ~~!!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy 2011! Program from the year Past

Here is my first post for 2011! With the permission of my lovely friend and client, Carolyn MacKinnon (nee Gomer), I wanted to post the image of her wedding program, which she hired me to design.

While I couldn't actually make it to the wedding, the pictures of the event showed it to be a joyful and festive occasion. Plus, I really enjoyed designing a program that reflected how happy and excited she and her groom were.

So, although (as is evidenced by the program cover) she was married later in 2010, I felt the good vibes would make it a good candidate for a first blog of the New Year post.

Hope it's going well so far for everyone!