Thursday, December 2, 2010

Winter Cards, Nueva York, and Penguins, Omana!

This blog is a bit of a works-in-progress blog, but mostly a "just 'cuz" kind of blog. I blogged last evening, posting an illo that had a beachy summer feel to it, but who am I kidding? It's wintertime, on both coasts, so I should get on with the more Holiday themed working, blogging, etcetera. I mostly spend time just posting work and not writing much. Maybe it could be fun to write a bit more? Hrmm, hrmm....

Even in L.A., it's pretty cold. Not bone-chilling/face-biting cold the way it was when I just visited home to New York for Turkey Day, but quite cold nonetheless. I have to burrow under my comforters, blankets, and plushie toys to keep warm at night. Today is a little warmer. But, it still feels Christmasy. It's sunny, but just crisp enough and with enough decorations (and with enough places playing seasonal music) to feel like that time of the year.
The above picture seems to have an ethereal glow. That's from the admittedly poor quality of my cell phone camera. Although I do find it amusing, since it was a quite yummy drink, that it's somewhat divinely glowing in this photo.

I picked this up from a street vendor in Bryant Park NYC last week, and it was called a "White Christmas." Basically, a hot vanilla drink. Hot chocolate's blander and more seasonal cousin, with whipped cream and some chocolate syrup on top. It was good, but I wish I'd gone to Lily O'Brien's instead for a full on espresso/mocha concoction. For those unawares, that's an amazing coffee and chocolate place right on the other side of the park. I am quite obsessed and am always fueling my chocoholism there when in Nueva York.

Speaking of things I am obsessed with, here is a picture of me at a cafe in NYC, wearing my cat hat: of which I am also obsessed. I picked it up in San Francisco last June near Union Square, and it was made by a street vendor. While not official Hello Kitty wear, and hand-knit, I'm pretty sure it was meant to look like Hello Kitty.

I'm a big fan of hers, and I find this hat warm, comfortable, and cute. I had no idea when I bought it, though, that so many people would be unable to handle it. I'm being completely serious. Most of the time, people think it's fun, but still point and go-- "OMIGOD! IS THAT HELLO KITTY?" And I explain how yes, I am more or less sure it's her, but it is handmade, etc. It's a little weird that a hat actually causes people to stop what they're doing, point, and get all excited (um, it's just a hat??), but I don't really mind.

What I do find choice, however, is that I've actually gotten harassed during-- and for-- wearing it. In San Francisco itself, no less, where the silly thing is from! I can wear it without fuss in most of the city... but I attempted to wear it while out in the Marina, and... yeahhhhh. Cow Hollow, as it turns out, is not my scene. I don't really hang out in preppier/frat-housier party places to begin with, but it doesn't bother me so long as people live and let live. However, after having been cat-called (and just in the "bother bother bother, you look different" way, not in the hitting on way) because of wearing a cat hat-- by inebriated people well into their twenties to forties-- methinks I will A), when in San Fransisco, absolutely not hang around there, especially post-happy hour, and B), leave Miss Kitty at home so as not to attract attention, should I need to be in that area for any reason. I had no idea such foolery even existed up North, but then again, S.F. is pretty big and all neighborhoods have their own, ehrm, flavor.

But, back to La Gran Manzana. You can pretty much do anything in NYC and nobody bats an eye, so I was able to keep warm in the hat. People commented, but nobody acted like a personchild about it, which I quite appreciated.

The above is a picture of the tables in a cafe I went to to get some work done. The cafe was very mod and had a European feel, and if I can remember the name of it, it would be cool to go back there. I ducked into it by chance to kill some time and escape the wind before meeting a friend, and was immediately warmed up. As well as pleasantly surprised.

Same cafe. COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOKIES... I did not partake... but still. COOOOOOOOOOOOKIES!

I huddled up in the corner so as to not freeze, and to focus on the card making. This picture is of some cards in progress, and the hot chocolate (that hot vanilla didn't tide me over, after all) I drank to spur me forth.

A bird's eye view shot of my table, with that same hot chocolate and some cards-in-progress.

This photo is from the other day, post-return, at a cafe in Pasadena where I plopped down to draw some cards. Still blurry, but the card detail is a little clearer here. Of course, Fuzzles The Great happened to be in my bag and popped out to keep me on drawing task and review my works ^_______^

This calendar is awesome. I went to a local uni for a concert, and saw many calendars I liked in the bookstore. "Poopy Puppies" was a favorite, as it's all pictures of exhausted baby dogs being cute. I'm sure everyone in the place thought me mad when I started jumping up and down all excited at said calendar... but, oh well. I can't hide my excitement for furry creatures (-: Anyway, I'm a big fan of those fifties pin-up images with snarky captions, so this calendar was a welcome find. I took a picture with it just for kicks, and since the cover image aligns fairly well with my surpressed wishes at Blair Waldorf-dom. Note, not the part of Blairdom that is unkind for no reason/mean-girl/classist side, but the funny, snarky, cunning-biatch-who-gets-things-done/gets-back-at-wrongdoers part of Blairdom.

And, courtsey of an article I saw on Huffpo, I can close this post with PENGUINS!

South Korea apparently had a Christmas Parade at a large Amusement Park in the country, which these adorable little guys featured in prominently. I'll present their cuteness sans commentary, but I will say that I may have to make some greeting cards inspired by how happy, sweet, and cool both the birds and the humans featured in these photos are.

I learned a lot about South Korea and Seoul from my past days editing Manhwa comics, and it's always pretty cool to see stuff going on in South Korea. It would be really cool to travel there someday.

On a somber note, I really hope everyone out there is safe

:-( Prayers and wishes to both South Korea and North Korea, and I do honestly wish everyone worldwide could come to peace with one another.

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