Saturday, December 4, 2010

Web of Whimsy.

So, courtesy of Dan Haase and his kind commentary on my blog, I have now discovered Web of Whimsy! Like Illustration Friday in concept, you can put up your posts throughout the week, starting on Wednesday on, to then be viewed on Wednesday. I am excited to be discovering all of these cool sharing illo, photo, image, etcetera sites online.

As a lover of childhood, children's books, cartoon characters, and other such things, I am happy to have found Web of Whimsy. For this week, my submission is a newly created Holiday Greeting Card. Shown Below:

"Hope Your Holidays Are The Cat's Meow!"

That's the whimsical caption inside that illustrated greeting card.-

In any event, should you also want to make a whimsical submission, the instructions are here: For the main portion of the site, go here:

"The common human experience is suffering - sorrow and sadness mark much of the world. My invitation is to bring a bit of delight into the despair. I spend a lot of time with children and in turn they have taught me how to play. So, come and join the fun."

This quote from "Web Of Whimsy" made me smile, and I hope makes other Whimsical People submitting to the site smile as well.


dthaase said...

well aren't you grand - thanks for adding to the whimsy and sharing the love (a wonderful submission by the way) - great to have you join the play.

craftydvl said...

Thank you for putting it together! I am definitely going to look forward to this as a weekly project. And the kind words are much appreciated ^______^

Coreopsis said...

Very sweet! It's a card that makes me happy to look at....

...I'm happy to see this site too, and look forward to participating....