Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Web of Whimsy: Woe Is Bottom

So, while I usually post cards, for this week's "Web of Whimsy/Whimsical Wednesday," I decided to post a piece from a while ago that I felt was whimsical. The title is, "Woe Is Bottom."

Bottom, of course, refers to the character at the right of the page (and it is a "Midsummer Night's Dream" reference).

Except in my illustration, "Midsummer" is mixed with "The Old Woman In The Wood"-- an old fairy tale which features a tree-man. He is actually a human being trapped inside the tree by cruel magic, hence his woodsy and human characteristics (below is the story itself, for anyone interested:

But here, Bottom has missed his entrance, and when he finally arrives Titania has gone and fallen for aforementioned the tree-man. Hence the title (-:

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It's Esther Toni, who submitted a wonderfully funny and realistic cartoon of a little hamster eating animal crackers in the shape of people-- which, I guess in reverse, is how we seem to little critters. I love her work very much, and I wish that hamster drawing could pop off the page, be adoptable, and then taken home! I wanted a hamster quite badly when I was little, and so the illo also spoke to me on that level.

Happy Webbing and Whimsy-ing! That didn't make sense, but luckily, when things are whimsical that's not really a requirement.

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dthaase said...

Donna...what a wonderful post - so grateful to have you in the mix each week - this is a masterful submission - great stuff