Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Web of Whimsy for the Week of December 8th

So, today is Whimsical Wednesday. Last week I posted a bit late, this week I am posting early. Or, on the first day itself. Wonders will never cease !! Anyhow. My contribution is below:

I believe this card of mine was blank. While I love making up captions and puns and things to make people smile or laugh, I also make cards without anything inside so they are able to personalized. The original can be found in the cards for "Family and Friends" section of my website:

Check back next week to see the newest Wizard of Whimsy! This week's was Nicole, and her work can be seen here:

For this week's great contributions to Web of Whimsy, please go to:

Until then, signing off.


dthaase said...

fabulous addition to the pool of whimsy - makes me want to catch a song and tie it down - great work, thanks for playing!

Missy said...

This is really cool!