Friday, December 10, 2010

Phenomenon, for Illustration Friday, and Fairies That Dance

This week's topic, phenomenon, caused me to think of cultural phenomena associated with the holidays. Given that this time of year makes me happy, and that I am a big dance fan (as evidenced in my prior post) I thought of "The Nutcracker" and Sugar Plum Fairies.

In my above I.F. Submission/Christmas Card, the caption is "Have a Fairy Happy Holiday!"

Since the two Christmas-y girls are playing with Sugar Plum Fairies, as well as what seem to be Puppy Fairies, I felt it fit the assigned topic. Actually. Are those dogs Puppy Plum Fairies? Hrmm...

More such cards for this season can be seen on my site here:

And all the great work on this topic, as well as last week's topic of "Savour," can be found here:

Hope everyone has a phenomenal weekend! I am punny, and with this topic, that was just too easy.


WrightStuff said...

This is great too (I'm rather pleased to have found your blog - talented girl!). I've done a fairy for Illustration Friday too. Great minds...

TJ Lubrano said...

Hello hello! I've only visited your website in the past and for some reason I missed the fact that you...have a blog!! How lovely! I loved your site already and to get little bits of news with illustrations is just even more cool haha.

The illustration is simply lovely :D

Take care!

Kat W said...

I came to find you via Inspiration Avenue & your 'Peace' contribution. Your drawing skills are great. This piece has so much fab detail and imagination.

Kat :-)

Missy said...

Great take on the topic! I love anything related to the Nutcracker, I've seen the ballet several times in Chicago and now I wanted a sugar plum fairy to play with. Oh, and cute card caption.

craftydvl said...

Thanks, you guys! I very much appreciate all the words of encouragement. Great minds indeed, we know well to love fairies!

Missy, have you ever seen "Swan Lake?" I always knew and loved the music from it, but I haven't had the chance to see that one yet. I really want to see it now after seeing "Black Swan," which shows sections of the ballet.

If you are a dance/ballet fan, I recommend the film without hesitation-- but be warned, it's quite intense/scary and not all about the beauty of dance. More the light dark, whole idea overall of "black swans versus white swans."