Friday, December 17, 2010

Post of Progress

I usually label each picture individually as to what it is when posting multiple things, but because Blogger is being bizarre with its formatting today, I'm just going to describe the pictures I've posted here.

The first picture is a quick sketch I did with some brush pens to test them out before I bought them. I picked them up from Lyon's Art Store in Downtown Long Beach yesterday, as I was in town for the Basement Lounge's Secret Santa Toy Drive and Art Sale.

I did said sketch on the side of my cup of coffee (which I meant to save, but accidentally chucked :-( boo) to test out the pens, and then liked the whole light blue, royal blue, black, gold, and silver look. While killing time before the show, I started a quick drawing. I haven't done a lot of work that is specifically "pin-ups," but I've been meaning to get into it, so I started something. I worked on it before the show at The Basement, and while at the Basement I had some time, so I worked on it while at the table. It was basically accidentally doing live-art, and it was unexpected, as well as fun.

It's totally morphed into nothing like I would have expected, though. It went from being semi pin-uppy to quite dark (and probably a reflection of the fact that "Black Swan" is now eternally in my conciousness, even though I didn't even think of that until someone who saw the work said, "That looks like that new ballet movie that's out right now!")

Anyway, as I kept going, the initial pin-up girl seemed very fish-like and watery, so I kept drawing and ended up drawing an antagonist for her. I'm now calling this "Oil And Water," since that's what it seems to look like.

The below pictures feature Fuzzles The Koala staring at this with curiosity, close-ups of the outfits worn by both characters, then close-ups of their faces and bodies.

Now to figure out what to do with the background. *Winnie The Pooh Voice* "Think think think..."

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