Friday, December 17, 2010

Mail: Illustration Friday

This week's topic for I.F. is "Mail."

My submission is on topic, if vaguely, as the protagonist in the foreground is reading a letter. Did she receive it in the mail, or is she about to send it in the mail? Either way, it looks a bit foreboding, as she's also taken off her ring while reading it.

The title of this piece is "All I Want For Christmas," and it's an ink drawing I did some time ago. Perhaps the happy couple in the background are a bitter reminder for the protagonist of what her life is now, perhaps they're a flashback of her former life, or perhaps it's just an unfortunate coincidence. Isn't the time when you'd least like to see or hear certain conversations the time when they inevitably end up in your face?

The Holidays are an especially intense time to not feel Christmasy and cheery, so when I made this piece I thought the themes in it would be particularly driven home if, in addition to the juxtaposition of all the character's lives, it was also set during Christmas.

Luckily, most of my seasonal/Chanukah/Christmas work is in the form of cards, and therefore happy and enjoyable to draw. But it was fun and interesting to do something off the norm!

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And because I don't want this illustration to get anybody down, I am including a warm and virtual hug in the form of a picture of cuteness.

Merry Holidays from Christmas Kittens! I hope everyone during this season is staying warm, happy, and noshing on sweets and hot chocolate. Nom nom and yum yum :-)


duermodespierto said...

Good! Congratulations!

roberto am said...

Very good picture!
I really like the black and white. Do you remember Robert Crumb?

craftydvl said...

Thank you both! I love Robert Crumb, and consider that a compliment of the highest order