Thursday, December 30, 2010

Inspiration Avenue: New Years Past/Present, and Some Comic Ramblings

Wow! So, this week's Inspiration Avenue Challenge is a great one. It is a bit intense, and daunting, but those things are usually what get you going in the first place. On the side is my submission, and below that is the ensuing challenge and explanation. I apologize, given that I can tell already I am going to end up writing more than I intended to.

The Challenge:

"Your challenge is to look at your craft or art and ask yourself have you accomplished what you wanted to this past year. What are your goals for the next year? Is there something that you have been thinking about in your craft? A new direction perhaps? Take a leap into the New Year and give us a glimpse of where you want your art to be by the next New Year's Eve."

I'm always reluctant to verbalize (or in this case... screenalize? type?) wishes or resolutions or what not of mine. This is because I am somewhat of the belief that the more you talk about doing a thing, the less likely you seem to actually go and do it. So, while not shy in many many arenas of life, this one instance where I feel a bit clammed up-- as well as superstitious, per what I just said about not wanting to talk and not do. But, I can still say a few things. Which, knowing me, will read as a lot more than a few and go on and on.

Art-wise, I always feel like there is more that I can and should do. In general, and with art, I find that no matter how much I'm doing, I always want to do more. Next year, among a ton of other things, I want to focus even more on children's illustrations, fashion illustrations (I do love patterns, clothes, and putting characters in fun clothes in fun poses), actually uploading things to my etsy, and making more comics. I also miss doing black and white illustrations, and while there aren't enough hours in the day, I aim to have that not be a nuisance (-;

This year, I am happy about going to conventions and having my own table/a split table with artist friends or colleagues (as I've worked many a convention sans/little pay, while not even selling my own stuff, in the past), to have been part of group gallery shows, to have been able to do much work on my greeting cards, and to have met great people at art fairs, art galleries, and comic conventions.

In 2010, though, the thing that was most exciting to me was writing and drawing a comic story for an anthology coming out in late December/January (that's now, eep--!!), called "The Samurai Project." I used to create my own comics, then took a break because of being busy with art and cards (as well as once working in comics), so it felt quite good to return to creating art in that form. Since this story took a few months to work on this year, and was this year's biggest project for me, it's what I included in this I.A. submission.

The page I showed in this blog is also one of the pages that the organizer of the "Samurai Project" (Karl Altstaetter) posted to the project blog. Karl took the time to talk to every artist who worked on the project about their story. If anyone is curious to read somewhat of an explanation of what my story, "The Nightingale And The Warrior" is about, the link is here:

On one last art note, this year I have begun posting regularly on Illustration Friday, and more recently begun regular posts on Creative Tuesday, Web of Whimsy Wednesdays, and here, on Inspiration Avenue. I really like being able to read other people's thoughts, see their drawings, and connect with other artists that, without the advent of the internet, I'd have never been able to do. So, I am grateful that I get to connect and talk with other artists, and that we have virtual platforms with which to show one another work.

Overall, I hope everyone can push forward, onward, and upward, from last year to this year. It is always easier said than done, but I hope everyone can be happy, healthy, and well. Happy Drawing and Happy Early New Year!

Hugs (this is so long I feel I have to sign it like it's a letter),


If any readers here are interested in comics, I'm including some info.

Karl Altstaetter's works can be seen at:

Jamie Gambell, who was another project organizer on the "Samurai Project," has his website here:

Karl is a comic book artist, Jamie is a comic book writer, and both are super-talented, kind individuals. They gave countless hours of help to every artist on the project and I owe them a ton. I'm also very happy to have met them and Gerimi Burleigh, Dan Smith, Jesse Toves, and the other people involved in a very cool project.

Information on ordering the "Samurai Project" book itself can be found here:


WrightStuff said...

I think your Illo Friday girls are resolvingt not to chase after each other's boyfriends this year!!

Enjoyed reading your last two posts. Happy New Year!

craftydvl said...

Lol! I had never thought about that illo like that. Perhaps they are resolving to make a switcharoo, if they are each chasing the other's boyfriend, that could solve the problem (-: Or maybe they are resolving to finish the year with good marks, good friendship, and not too much focus on boys and drama (-;

Thanks for reading. Happy New Year to you too, and very glad to now be exposed to your art and writings virtually !!

artangel said...

Just reading about your year and all you want to do in 2011 makes me tired lol! I also wish there were enough hours in the day to work through all the arty things I'd like to try/re-visit/develop!

It's interesting that you feel the more you talk about doing something the less likely you'll be to do it - for me that actually seems to work the other way round!

Wishing you much luck and success in whatever you do in 2011!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I was thrilled to read that you had some success selling your art this past year. And to think that your comic book will be out soon simply boggles my mind. I'm totally impressed. Happy New Year and here's to continued success, rather than sitting on the sidelines.