Monday, December 13, 2010

Inspiration Avenue: Believe

This week's topic for Inspiration Avenue is "Believe," and below is my contribution:

It's a holiday greeting card I made, with a Dad/Daughter theme.

The caption for this card says, "I've Made A List, I've Checked It Twice, The Verdict's In--You're Very Nice!"

I thought it fit the theme of "Believe" on a few levels. It's why I debated between posting this image and my Santa Card image, which definitely fit the theme of "Believe," but I thought more simply. In this image, the Dad is making a list (either the proverbial list in the Santa rhyme, or an actual list of things to buy), which is a Santa-esque thing to do, and which in turn can keep the girl believing in Santa and loving Christmas.

However, whether she actually believes or not in Santa (perhaps with her watching her Dad, she suspects he's merely acting as Santa's helper/messenger/the go-between between the two), she can still believe in the holiday, giving, and the love of her family. I think it says about the good parts of this season--love, giving, being grateful for things, and wanting to make others happy-- when parents/big sisters/big brothers/anyone makes sure to give someone a gift, while also giving a kid something fun to believe in.

The idea of belief and believing, to me, also includes things that are fanciful and whimsical. Things that kids take at face value, but that grown-ups might make a double take when hearing. So, I wanted the swirling ink-lines of the Dad's ink-nib when writing to fly around in shapes, as well as the images from the letter he's writing to pour upwards in almost a surrealistic way. Perhaps the dancing pets/animals/bird with a girl indicate that she has been nice and played with animals this year, or that she will get one of her own.

In any event, please check Inspiration Avenue this week to find everyone's lovely links to this topic! Link is here:

And, if anyone is curious, please click here to see my Santa Card, captioned "Hope You Have A 'Mice' Christmas!"

Signing off, and happily inspired by this week's challenge!


WrightStuff said...

I love everything about this post. Thanks for your comment yesterday - I love what you said about believing that toys are real! Shall I tell you a secret? There's a part of me that does too!! In fact, when I saw the 'believe' prompt this morning, alongside your comment, I just knew what I had to create this week!... Watch this space!

Charlie said...

I love this! It's exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for explaining. I too think believing in fairies and elves and angels and on and on is just part of the magic.Seeing things through a child's eye.

IM GIRL said...

I love your post! I do believe, I do, I do!!

Kat W said...

A lovely post full of wise words and interesting thoughts. Your art work and its meaning is beautiful.

Kat X

Judy Goddard said...

This is so cute!

priti.lisa said...

Your words are always thoughtful and just as much fun as your art! Happy New Year! xo

Robin Norgren said...

I really love your art and I take from this the idea that she believes in her dad as well...and what a lovely gift that is!