Thursday, December 23, 2010

Illustration Rally Inclusion, and Web of Whimsy For December Twenty-Second!

I am very happy to be discovering so many blogs where illustrators can have a dialogue with one another and share work. I'm also very happy to have been included on the Illustration Rally blog last week! The blog has of late been focusing on the theme of Christmas Art, and they were kind enough to include a post of my Christmas Cards:

As per the blog's description on Twitter, Illustration Rally "is a massive international rolling collaboration which takes a theme and runs with it," and it is managed by the lovely Natsuki Otani-- a U.K. based illustrator with wonderful illustrations, whose work can be seen at:

Another blog I am a new fan of is "Web of Whimsy," where for this week's challenge I am submitting a Romantic/Valentine's Day Card I made some time ago. Submission is below!

I think the caption was something to the effect of "You're a Fox, Valentine!" or, "You're So Foxy!"

However, truth be told, I am quite tired from a near all nighter (O, Delayed Travel, What Fun Thou Art) so I do not recall exactly what the card said on the inside. In any case, other cards like this one, in the Romantic/Valentine's Day vein, can be found here on this portion of my website:
I realize it's Holiday-Time, but the card is Holiday-esque (just not referencing the one coming up). I also thought to post it since Dan Haase's drawing this week on the homepage was of a bunny, which made me think of other woodland creatures. In a perfect, children's book style world, bunnies and foxes play side by side. Perhaps I will make a drawing along these lines at some point.
In any event, congratulations to Ronni Ann Hall! She was crowned this week's "Wizard of Whimsy," and the winning post is here:
For this week's great submissions, and/or to submit by the deadline of 1:00 AM on Tuesday, January Fourth, please click here:
Happy Holidays, or happy Regular Days, to anyone not into the season/celebrating stuff. Peace and love, whatever the case :-D


dthaase said...

another wonderful addition to the whimsy - glad you came to play.

craftydvl said...

Thank you, Dan! As always, grateful to have a fun forum in which to submit whimsical drawings and to get to see everyone's great work.

sweet limes said...

Love your girl face, it just totally captivated me.

Karen S. said...

So much happening in this photo, it's a delight to view! Thanks!