Friday, December 31, 2010

Illustration Friday: Resolutions

For December Thirty-First, the last day of Twenty-Ten (!!!!!!!), "Illustration Friday's" topic is "Resolutions."

Above is my submission, which I created a while ago. It is a fashion illustration entitled "The Prom-Ised Land." And yes, it is a pun on the phrase, "promised land," and a pun on proms. A couple more fashion illos, as well as all of my "Color Works," can be seen at that section of my website:

I'm not quite sure if the dance-going-gals in my picture are making resolutions, but one is reading, and the other is taking notes in her book, so it is possible.

However, it is one of my goals to draw more fashion illos this year, and I will admit that's the real reason I posted this for the theme this week. It's a visual reminder for me to sharpen my pencil, make sure I have enough ink, and to get to work!

Speaking of resolutions, I just looked at my resolutions for last year. At least, the ones I posted late last January on Blogspot. I wrote an entry where I said, I was resolved "To update this blog more! Or, er... ahem, ahem, at all." And on that front, I met a resolution. I have posted this year, and gotten to read the posts of many cool illustrators and artists. Yay!

To see this at the site and to check out all of the great things resolutions people are making and creating as art this week, please go to

On that note, I am off. I wish everyone a huggy, happy, healthy New Year's Eve and New Year. Be safe and keep drawing! If you draw, of course :-D If not, keep at whatever it is that you love.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Inspiration Avenue: New Years Past/Present, and Some Comic Ramblings

Wow! So, this week's Inspiration Avenue Challenge is a great one. It is a bit intense, and daunting, but those things are usually what get you going in the first place. On the side is my submission, and below that is the ensuing challenge and explanation. I apologize, given that I can tell already I am going to end up writing more than I intended to.

The Challenge:

"Your challenge is to look at your craft or art and ask yourself have you accomplished what you wanted to this past year. What are your goals for the next year? Is there something that you have been thinking about in your craft? A new direction perhaps? Take a leap into the New Year and give us a glimpse of where you want your art to be by the next New Year's Eve."

I'm always reluctant to verbalize (or in this case... screenalize? type?) wishes or resolutions or what not of mine. This is because I am somewhat of the belief that the more you talk about doing a thing, the less likely you seem to actually go and do it. So, while not shy in many many arenas of life, this one instance where I feel a bit clammed up-- as well as superstitious, per what I just said about not wanting to talk and not do. But, I can still say a few things. Which, knowing me, will read as a lot more than a few and go on and on.

Art-wise, I always feel like there is more that I can and should do. In general, and with art, I find that no matter how much I'm doing, I always want to do more. Next year, among a ton of other things, I want to focus even more on children's illustrations, fashion illustrations (I do love patterns, clothes, and putting characters in fun clothes in fun poses), actually uploading things to my etsy, and making more comics. I also miss doing black and white illustrations, and while there aren't enough hours in the day, I aim to have that not be a nuisance (-;

This year, I am happy about going to conventions and having my own table/a split table with artist friends or colleagues (as I've worked many a convention sans/little pay, while not even selling my own stuff, in the past), to have been part of group gallery shows, to have been able to do much work on my greeting cards, and to have met great people at art fairs, art galleries, and comic conventions.

In 2010, though, the thing that was most exciting to me was writing and drawing a comic story for an anthology coming out in late December/January (that's now, eep--!!), called "The Samurai Project." I used to create my own comics, then took a break because of being busy with art and cards (as well as once working in comics), so it felt quite good to return to creating art in that form. Since this story took a few months to work on this year, and was this year's biggest project for me, it's what I included in this I.A. submission.

The page I showed in this blog is also one of the pages that the organizer of the "Samurai Project" (Karl Altstaetter) posted to the project blog. Karl took the time to talk to every artist who worked on the project about their story. If anyone is curious to read somewhat of an explanation of what my story, "The Nightingale And The Warrior" is about, the link is here:

On one last art note, this year I have begun posting regularly on Illustration Friday, and more recently begun regular posts on Creative Tuesday, Web of Whimsy Wednesdays, and here, on Inspiration Avenue. I really like being able to read other people's thoughts, see their drawings, and connect with other artists that, without the advent of the internet, I'd have never been able to do. So, I am grateful that I get to connect and talk with other artists, and that we have virtual platforms with which to show one another work.

Overall, I hope everyone can push forward, onward, and upward, from last year to this year. It is always easier said than done, but I hope everyone can be happy, healthy, and well. Happy Drawing and Happy Early New Year!

Hugs (this is so long I feel I have to sign it like it's a letter),


If any readers here are interested in comics, I'm including some info.

Karl Altstaetter's works can be seen at:

Jamie Gambell, who was another project organizer on the "Samurai Project," has his website here:

Karl is a comic book artist, Jamie is a comic book writer, and both are super-talented, kind individuals. They gave countless hours of help to every artist on the project and I owe them a ton. I'm also very happy to have met them and Gerimi Burleigh, Dan Smith, Jesse Toves, and the other people involved in a very cool project.

Information on ordering the "Samurai Project" book itself can be found here:

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve's Illustration Friday: Winter!

This week's I.F. theme is quite appropriate. Winter!

The illo I have submitted is a Romantic Wintertime Greeting Card, where the characters are having while sleigh riding in the snow. Wish I could do the same right now!

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas Eve, everyone!

For more great I.F. submissions, check out the site at:

Peace and hugs for this chilly season.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Illustration Rally Inclusion, and Web of Whimsy For December Twenty-Second!

I am very happy to be discovering so many blogs where illustrators can have a dialogue with one another and share work. I'm also very happy to have been included on the Illustration Rally blog last week! The blog has of late been focusing on the theme of Christmas Art, and they were kind enough to include a post of my Christmas Cards:

As per the blog's description on Twitter, Illustration Rally "is a massive international rolling collaboration which takes a theme and runs with it," and it is managed by the lovely Natsuki Otani-- a U.K. based illustrator with wonderful illustrations, whose work can be seen at:

Another blog I am a new fan of is "Web of Whimsy," where for this week's challenge I am submitting a Romantic/Valentine's Day Card I made some time ago. Submission is below!

I think the caption was something to the effect of "You're a Fox, Valentine!" or, "You're So Foxy!"

However, truth be told, I am quite tired from a near all nighter (O, Delayed Travel, What Fun Thou Art) so I do not recall exactly what the card said on the inside. In any case, other cards like this one, in the Romantic/Valentine's Day vein, can be found here on this portion of my website:
I realize it's Holiday-Time, but the card is Holiday-esque (just not referencing the one coming up). I also thought to post it since Dan Haase's drawing this week on the homepage was of a bunny, which made me think of other woodland creatures. In a perfect, children's book style world, bunnies and foxes play side by side. Perhaps I will make a drawing along these lines at some point.
In any event, congratulations to Ronni Ann Hall! She was crowned this week's "Wizard of Whimsy," and the winning post is here:
For this week's great submissions, and/or to submit by the deadline of 1:00 AM on Tuesday, January Fourth, please click here:
Happy Holidays, or happy Regular Days, to anyone not into the season/celebrating stuff. Peace and love, whatever the case :-D

Friday, December 17, 2010

Post of Progress

I usually label each picture individually as to what it is when posting multiple things, but because Blogger is being bizarre with its formatting today, I'm just going to describe the pictures I've posted here.

The first picture is a quick sketch I did with some brush pens to test them out before I bought them. I picked them up from Lyon's Art Store in Downtown Long Beach yesterday, as I was in town for the Basement Lounge's Secret Santa Toy Drive and Art Sale.

I did said sketch on the side of my cup of coffee (which I meant to save, but accidentally chucked :-( boo) to test out the pens, and then liked the whole light blue, royal blue, black, gold, and silver look. While killing time before the show, I started a quick drawing. I haven't done a lot of work that is specifically "pin-ups," but I've been meaning to get into it, so I started something. I worked on it before the show at The Basement, and while at the Basement I had some time, so I worked on it while at the table. It was basically accidentally doing live-art, and it was unexpected, as well as fun.

It's totally morphed into nothing like I would have expected, though. It went from being semi pin-uppy to quite dark (and probably a reflection of the fact that "Black Swan" is now eternally in my conciousness, even though I didn't even think of that until someone who saw the work said, "That looks like that new ballet movie that's out right now!")

Anyway, as I kept going, the initial pin-up girl seemed very fish-like and watery, so I kept drawing and ended up drawing an antagonist for her. I'm now calling this "Oil And Water," since that's what it seems to look like.

The below pictures feature Fuzzles The Koala staring at this with curiosity, close-ups of the outfits worn by both characters, then close-ups of their faces and bodies.

Now to figure out what to do with the background. *Winnie The Pooh Voice* "Think think think..."

Mail: Illustration Friday

This week's topic for I.F. is "Mail."

My submission is on topic, if vaguely, as the protagonist in the foreground is reading a letter. Did she receive it in the mail, or is she about to send it in the mail? Either way, it looks a bit foreboding, as she's also taken off her ring while reading it.

The title of this piece is "All I Want For Christmas," and it's an ink drawing I did some time ago. Perhaps the happy couple in the background are a bitter reminder for the protagonist of what her life is now, perhaps they're a flashback of her former life, or perhaps it's just an unfortunate coincidence. Isn't the time when you'd least like to see or hear certain conversations the time when they inevitably end up in your face?

The Holidays are an especially intense time to not feel Christmasy and cheery, so when I made this piece I thought the themes in it would be particularly driven home if, in addition to the juxtaposition of all the character's lives, it was also set during Christmas.

Luckily, most of my seasonal/Chanukah/Christmas work is in the form of cards, and therefore happy and enjoyable to draw. But it was fun and interesting to do something off the norm!

To see this at the site and all of the great submissions coming into Illustration Friday, please go to:

To see more of my Black and White Work/Ink Drawings, please go to:

And because I don't want this illustration to get anybody down, I am including a warm and virtual hug in the form of a picture of cuteness.

Merry Holidays from Christmas Kittens! I hope everyone during this season is staying warm, happy, and noshing on sweets and hot chocolate. Nom nom and yum yum :-)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Web of Whimsy: Woe Is Bottom

So, while I usually post cards, for this week's "Web of Whimsy/Whimsical Wednesday," I decided to post a piece from a while ago that I felt was whimsical. The title is, "Woe Is Bottom."

Bottom, of course, refers to the character at the right of the page (and it is a "Midsummer Night's Dream" reference).

Except in my illustration, "Midsummer" is mixed with "The Old Woman In The Wood"-- an old fairy tale which features a tree-man. He is actually a human being trapped inside the tree by cruel magic, hence his woodsy and human characteristics (below is the story itself, for anyone interested:

But here, Bottom has missed his entrance, and when he finally arrives Titania has gone and fallen for aforementioned the tree-man. Hence the title (-:

To check out this week's submissions for "Web of Whimsy," which will be being posted until next Tuesday, click here:

And to check out last week's "Wizard of Whimsy," click here:!

It's Esther Toni, who submitted a wonderfully funny and realistic cartoon of a little hamster eating animal crackers in the shape of people-- which, I guess in reverse, is how we seem to little critters. I love her work very much, and I wish that hamster drawing could pop off the page, be adoptable, and then taken home! I wanted a hamster quite badly when I was little, and so the illo also spoke to me on that level.

Happy Webbing and Whimsy-ing! That didn't make sense, but luckily, when things are whimsical that's not really a requirement.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Inspiration Avenue: Believe

This week's topic for Inspiration Avenue is "Believe," and below is my contribution:

It's a holiday greeting card I made, with a Dad/Daughter theme.

The caption for this card says, "I've Made A List, I've Checked It Twice, The Verdict's In--You're Very Nice!"

I thought it fit the theme of "Believe" on a few levels. It's why I debated between posting this image and my Santa Card image, which definitely fit the theme of "Believe," but I thought more simply. In this image, the Dad is making a list (either the proverbial list in the Santa rhyme, or an actual list of things to buy), which is a Santa-esque thing to do, and which in turn can keep the girl believing in Santa and loving Christmas.

However, whether she actually believes or not in Santa (perhaps with her watching her Dad, she suspects he's merely acting as Santa's helper/messenger/the go-between between the two), she can still believe in the holiday, giving, and the love of her family. I think it says about the good parts of this season--love, giving, being grateful for things, and wanting to make others happy-- when parents/big sisters/big brothers/anyone makes sure to give someone a gift, while also giving a kid something fun to believe in.

The idea of belief and believing, to me, also includes things that are fanciful and whimsical. Things that kids take at face value, but that grown-ups might make a double take when hearing. So, I wanted the swirling ink-lines of the Dad's ink-nib when writing to fly around in shapes, as well as the images from the letter he's writing to pour upwards in almost a surrealistic way. Perhaps the dancing pets/animals/bird with a girl indicate that she has been nice and played with animals this year, or that she will get one of her own.

In any event, please check Inspiration Avenue this week to find everyone's lovely links to this topic! Link is here:

And, if anyone is curious, please click here to see my Santa Card, captioned "Hope You Have A 'Mice' Christmas!"

Signing off, and happily inspired by this week's challenge!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Phenomenon, for Illustration Friday, and Fairies That Dance

This week's topic, phenomenon, caused me to think of cultural phenomena associated with the holidays. Given that this time of year makes me happy, and that I am a big dance fan (as evidenced in my prior post) I thought of "The Nutcracker" and Sugar Plum Fairies.

In my above I.F. Submission/Christmas Card, the caption is "Have a Fairy Happy Holiday!"

Since the two Christmas-y girls are playing with Sugar Plum Fairies, as well as what seem to be Puppy Fairies, I felt it fit the assigned topic. Actually. Are those dogs Puppy Plum Fairies? Hrmm...

More such cards for this season can be seen on my site here:

And all the great work on this topic, as well as last week's topic of "Savour," can be found here:

Hope everyone has a phenomenal weekend! I am punny, and with this topic, that was just too easy.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Ballet and the Family of Anatidae

"The Nutcracker" was the first ever ballet that I saw. I remember being seven, and I hink I saw the production that was done at SUNY Purchase. It was very, very good. I was totally enthralled by the movement, the costumes, and how much was going on. It actually inspired me to get into dance myself. I took ballet class from when I was eight through when I was twelve, before moving onto sports and learning modern/jazz/hip-hop when in my h.s. theatre program, and then dancing in college.

Speaking of Tchaikovsky and his great works, I saw "Black Swan" earlier this week-hence the above screencap.

The characters in the film are putting on a production of his classic "Swan Lake," although with more of an "edge" than the ballet has usually. I am still recovering from having seen it. I mean that in a good way. It was beautiful, yet very dark and disturbing. Without giving anything away, along with the extremely intense visuals, a lot is done with sound in that movie.

Consequently, the first couple of days after I saw it, the littlest noises I heard when walking places made me do a double take. I think I want to see it again, because it was so well done and it was a spectacle to behold. It was also inspirational, image-wise, for drawing ideas.

I miss doing more contemporary styles of dance and I keep meaning to get back into it. And, I still love ballet. It's a physically incredible dance form, so it's amazing to watch the dancers. That ballets themselves tell elaborate stories is pretty great.

I love the costumes, and many of my cards (as well as sketchbook doodles) end up featuring characters, either fairy or human, who are dancing or in dance costumes-above is a screencap of Natalie Portman's character in costume, and one of my favorite shots in the movie.

All that being said about ballet... the recitals, costumes, and final recital at the end of the year were always fun. Yet, in practice, I found I liked other types of dance better (in no small part because of being young and impatient, and being antsy that so much of the practice was at the barre or floor exercises, very repetitious, with the practice of actual dance choreography jammed into the end of class), and after seeing "Black Swan," I think mayhaps not being a ballerina was a good choice. I am awed at those who can handle it, but I do not think I'd have been among them.

I also think modern dance and movement companies are able to do tremendous, exciting things because those kinds of kinesthetics lend themselves to being more open than a more rigid dance form like ballet does. I am lucky enough to know talented dancer/choreographers in these realms.

One such creator is Cristina Jasen, pictured above.

Cristina is a close friend of mine from college, and has been dancing and choreographing nonstop since graduation with her company, "SAWTOOTH dancers." Videos, photographs, and overall media about the great work she's doing in NYC are at her website, here:

And with those musings, I am off. I will say that I regret that I chose to not go the toe-shoe track, as my apartment flooded earlier this evening, and it would have been amusing/interesting to toeshoe around so as not to step on the water before it was wet-vacced away.

Oh well. I suppose that's what rain boots are for :-) With daises on them.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Web of Whimsy for the Week of December 8th

So, today is Whimsical Wednesday. Last week I posted a bit late, this week I am posting early. Or, on the first day itself. Wonders will never cease !! Anyhow. My contribution is below:

I believe this card of mine was blank. While I love making up captions and puns and things to make people smile or laugh, I also make cards without anything inside so they are able to personalized. The original can be found in the cards for "Family and Friends" section of my website:

Check back next week to see the newest Wizard of Whimsy! This week's was Nicole, and her work can be seen here:

For this week's great contributions to Web of Whimsy, please go to:

Until then, signing off.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Creative Tuesday for December 7th: Holidays.

So this is a repost! I am posting again to correct my earlier mistake. "Creative Tuesday" came up with the great theme of "holiday," which I posted a week prematurely, but here I am posting it again on time. Actually, I am a little late, but I think it will make it just barely!

This Holiday Card's original caption was, "You Make My Spirits Soar!"

As with my other cards, I created it with an underline of Pencil, fuller outlines with a Micron Brush Pen (I either use those or Pitt Cartooning Pens, with both brush or fine tips) and Tombo Markers.

Here is the link for this week's Creative Tuesday, and where everyone's entries, comments, and the like can be seen:

Happy Tuesday! Go forth and be creative, while enjoying whatever it is you do :-D

Monday, December 6, 2010

Inspiration Avenue. Peace.

Here is my submission for Inspiration Avenue, a website where artists are invited to post their responses to different topics each week. This week's theme is "peace."

I have been sitting and making greeting cards non-stop today, and this is one such card. I posted this for the challenge, since it was an image that made me feel relaxed when I drew it, and one that I felt where the characters illustrated were at peace. The kind of peace you feel when in the presence of good company, when your mind can be at rest, and you can sit in front of the fire and sigh with a smile on your face. I guess what people hope to feel during the holiday season, even though that sadly gets lost a lot of the time. I think it's important to be at peace within yourself, and with the people in your life, as much as possible. I think if more people were at peace with themselves, then there would be less turmoil on a grander scale worldwide. I hope things can get better for everyone, everywhere.

Thank you again to the creators of "Inspiration Avenue," and I'm looking forward to everyone's interpretations on the topic.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Web of Whimsy.

So, courtesy of Dan Haase and his kind commentary on my blog, I have now discovered Web of Whimsy! Like Illustration Friday in concept, you can put up your posts throughout the week, starting on Wednesday on, to then be viewed on Wednesday. I am excited to be discovering all of these cool sharing illo, photo, image, etcetera sites online.

As a lover of childhood, children's books, cartoon characters, and other such things, I am happy to have found Web of Whimsy. For this week, my submission is a newly created Holiday Greeting Card. Shown Below:

"Hope Your Holidays Are The Cat's Meow!"

That's the whimsical caption inside that illustrated greeting card.-

In any event, should you also want to make a whimsical submission, the instructions are here: For the main portion of the site, go here:

"The common human experience is suffering - sorrow and sadness mark much of the world. My invitation is to bring a bit of delight into the despair. I spend a lot of time with children and in turn they have taught me how to play. So, come and join the fun."

This quote from "Web Of Whimsy" made me smile, and I hope makes other Whimsical People submitting to the site smile as well.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Prehistoric. Illustration Friday.

This week's "Illustration Friday" theme is "Prehistoric."

So, here is a little illo of an exploring girl playing with some dinosaur friends!
We'll pretend it's "Jurassic Park" style, and that... you know. Us all being on the planet at the same time is feasible.

The illo's from a greeting card I made, where the caption was "I Think You're Dino-Mite!"

To see more of my Miscellaneous Greeting Cards, please check this portion of my website:
To see more of this week's topic of "Prehistoric" and last week's topic of "Savour" at Illustration Friday itself, please go to
Hope everyone is having a strong start to the weekend.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Winter Cards, Nueva York, and Penguins, Omana!

This blog is a bit of a works-in-progress blog, but mostly a "just 'cuz" kind of blog. I blogged last evening, posting an illo that had a beachy summer feel to it, but who am I kidding? It's wintertime, on both coasts, so I should get on with the more Holiday themed working, blogging, etcetera. I mostly spend time just posting work and not writing much. Maybe it could be fun to write a bit more? Hrmm, hrmm....

Even in L.A., it's pretty cold. Not bone-chilling/face-biting cold the way it was when I just visited home to New York for Turkey Day, but quite cold nonetheless. I have to burrow under my comforters, blankets, and plushie toys to keep warm at night. Today is a little warmer. But, it still feels Christmasy. It's sunny, but just crisp enough and with enough decorations (and with enough places playing seasonal music) to feel like that time of the year.
The above picture seems to have an ethereal glow. That's from the admittedly poor quality of my cell phone camera. Although I do find it amusing, since it was a quite yummy drink, that it's somewhat divinely glowing in this photo.

I picked this up from a street vendor in Bryant Park NYC last week, and it was called a "White Christmas." Basically, a hot vanilla drink. Hot chocolate's blander and more seasonal cousin, with whipped cream and some chocolate syrup on top. It was good, but I wish I'd gone to Lily O'Brien's instead for a full on espresso/mocha concoction. For those unawares, that's an amazing coffee and chocolate place right on the other side of the park. I am quite obsessed and am always fueling my chocoholism there when in Nueva York.

Speaking of things I am obsessed with, here is a picture of me at a cafe in NYC, wearing my cat hat: of which I am also obsessed. I picked it up in San Francisco last June near Union Square, and it was made by a street vendor. While not official Hello Kitty wear, and hand-knit, I'm pretty sure it was meant to look like Hello Kitty.

I'm a big fan of hers, and I find this hat warm, comfortable, and cute. I had no idea when I bought it, though, that so many people would be unable to handle it. I'm being completely serious. Most of the time, people think it's fun, but still point and go-- "OMIGOD! IS THAT HELLO KITTY?" And I explain how yes, I am more or less sure it's her, but it is handmade, etc. It's a little weird that a hat actually causes people to stop what they're doing, point, and get all excited (um, it's just a hat??), but I don't really mind.

What I do find choice, however, is that I've actually gotten harassed during-- and for-- wearing it. In San Francisco itself, no less, where the silly thing is from! I can wear it without fuss in most of the city... but I attempted to wear it while out in the Marina, and... yeahhhhh. Cow Hollow, as it turns out, is not my scene. I don't really hang out in preppier/frat-housier party places to begin with, but it doesn't bother me so long as people live and let live. However, after having been cat-called (and just in the "bother bother bother, you look different" way, not in the hitting on way) because of wearing a cat hat-- by inebriated people well into their twenties to forties-- methinks I will A), when in San Fransisco, absolutely not hang around there, especially post-happy hour, and B), leave Miss Kitty at home so as not to attract attention, should I need to be in that area for any reason. I had no idea such foolery even existed up North, but then again, S.F. is pretty big and all neighborhoods have their own, ehrm, flavor.

But, back to La Gran Manzana. You can pretty much do anything in NYC and nobody bats an eye, so I was able to keep warm in the hat. People commented, but nobody acted like a personchild about it, which I quite appreciated.

The above is a picture of the tables in a cafe I went to to get some work done. The cafe was very mod and had a European feel, and if I can remember the name of it, it would be cool to go back there. I ducked into it by chance to kill some time and escape the wind before meeting a friend, and was immediately warmed up. As well as pleasantly surprised.

Same cafe. COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOKIES... I did not partake... but still. COOOOOOOOOOOOKIES!

I huddled up in the corner so as to not freeze, and to focus on the card making. This picture is of some cards in progress, and the hot chocolate (that hot vanilla didn't tide me over, after all) I drank to spur me forth.

A bird's eye view shot of my table, with that same hot chocolate and some cards-in-progress.

This photo is from the other day, post-return, at a cafe in Pasadena where I plopped down to draw some cards. Still blurry, but the card detail is a little clearer here. Of course, Fuzzles The Great happened to be in my bag and popped out to keep me on drawing task and review my works ^_______^

This calendar is awesome. I went to a local uni for a concert, and saw many calendars I liked in the bookstore. "Poopy Puppies" was a favorite, as it's all pictures of exhausted baby dogs being cute. I'm sure everyone in the place thought me mad when I started jumping up and down all excited at said calendar... but, oh well. I can't hide my excitement for furry creatures (-: Anyway, I'm a big fan of those fifties pin-up images with snarky captions, so this calendar was a welcome find. I took a picture with it just for kicks, and since the cover image aligns fairly well with my surpressed wishes at Blair Waldorf-dom. Note, not the part of Blairdom that is unkind for no reason/mean-girl/classist side, but the funny, snarky, cunning-biatch-who-gets-things-done/gets-back-at-wrongdoers part of Blairdom.

And, courtsey of an article I saw on Huffpo, I can close this post with PENGUINS!

South Korea apparently had a Christmas Parade at a large Amusement Park in the country, which these adorable little guys featured in prominently. I'll present their cuteness sans commentary, but I will say that I may have to make some greeting cards inspired by how happy, sweet, and cool both the birds and the humans featured in these photos are.

I learned a lot about South Korea and Seoul from my past days editing Manhwa comics, and it's always pretty cool to see stuff going on in South Korea. It would be really cool to travel there someday.

On a somber note, I really hope everyone out there is safe

:-( Prayers and wishes to both South Korea and North Korea, and I do honestly wish everyone worldwide could come to peace with one another.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Swan Friend and Sharpie II Show

I am pretty consumed with life, work, the upcoming Sharpie Show at Crewest Gallery (Check it out in Downtown Los Angeles this weekend, with details lower down in this post!), but I thought to post an illustration quickly. I am tired and need to retire to bed shortly, but wanted to quickly update beforehand.

I am working on Winter themed and Holiday Time themed cards right now, but as a break from all the cold snowy themed things, I am posting an illustration with some fun. Or some sun. Possibly, both. Hopefully, both! I should carry on and stop typing because my tired-self is rambling.

This greeting card says "You Quack Me Up, Babe!" Because of the puns of the little girl with her ducky friends, both the toy one and the regular one.

As this illo has birds, I want to also share this quote about birds:

"Those little nimble musicians of the air, that warble forth their curious ditties, with which nature hath furnished them to the shame of art." Izaak Walton

It may not apply as much to ducks, as quacks aren't as melodious as, say, nightingales... but it's a nice quote, nonetheless.

In closing, I'm going to share the information for Crewest Gallery's Sharpie II Show! This Saturday, December Fourth, the opening starts at Six in the Evening and runs until Nine. Press Release and Details can be found here:

Well, that is all for now, everyone.

Thanks for reading! :-)